Getting Started

Quick Log-In

To open EngineRoom:

  1. Go to https://engineroom.moresteam.com.
  2. Log in using your MoreSteam credentials.
  3. Select “New Project” and start solving problems!

Important: You may need to disable pop-ups on your browser to be able to view some links and help articles from within the EngineRoom.

First-Time Login

Follow these steps to launch EngineRoom for the first time:

1. Check the e-mail account you provided at the time of enrollment for the welcome e-mail, entitled Your MoreSteam Account - EngineRoom Web-Based Data Analysis.

Welcome email sent to user after successfully signing up for EngineRoom

2. Click the link in the e-mail to log into MoreSteam using the login information provided.

Screenshot of MoreSteam.com with login pop up activated.

3. Click “Open Application” to go directly to EngineRoom.

Screenshot of EngineRoom account page.

4. EngineRoom will open in a new tab or window. We recommend bookmarking this homepage to log in for future visits.

Screenshot of EngineRoom landing page.

EngineRoom Resource Center

Clicking the Resource Center button will open the EngineRoom Resource Center in a new tab or window. This “course” contains useful resources to get started quickly such as a list of beginner tutorials. Click on the Open EngineRoom button at the bottom of the page to launch EngineRoom.

Screenshot of button to launch EngineRoom.

Starting a New Project

1. Click the New Project button to start a new project.

Screenshot of EngineRoom landing page.

2. Enter a name for the project in the pop-up text box to replace the default title, Untitled project.

Screenshot of EngineRoom pop up to rename project.

3. The project workspace will open. You're now ready to start working on your new project!


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