Course Catalog


Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Learn how Lean Six Sigma aids in problem-solving and builds efficiency into processes to consistently deliver value to the customer.

$899   //  27 Hours

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Become an effective problem-solver and valued Lean Six Sigma project leader while further developing understanding of process improvement and Lean.

$2,095   //  80 Hours

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Become a process improvement leader through mastery of data-driven process analytics and Lean Six Sigma methodology.

$3,295   //  140 Hours

Master Black Belt Certification

Master Black Belt Certification is earned through a collaboration with the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University.

$14,250   //  151 Hours

Design Black Belt

Become an expert in developing products and processes that meet Six Sigma levels of quality while incorporating design thinking, Lean startup, and Agile software development.

$2,295   //  66 Hours

Design Green Belt

Develop a new framework of thinking to enhance your organization's process development incorporating design thinking, Lean startup, and Agile Software Development.

$1,950   //  45 Hours

Lean Six Sigma Champion

Learn how to support your team or organization by championing process improvement methods.

$350   //  19 Hours

Lean Six Sigma Overview

Explore key principles and methodologies essential for process improvement and gain a broad understanding of methodology and concepts.

$250   //  4 Hours

Lean Six Sigma Transactional Green Belt

Discover how to put Lean Six Sigma problem-solving techniques to work in everyday transactional processes.

$1,895   //  74 Hours

Yellow Belt for CPAs

Gain a fundamental understanding of Lean Six Sigma, developing critical thinking to improve business operations while earning CPE credit hours.

$1,024   //  27 Hours

Blended Lean Six Sigma Certification Programs

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Program

Earn your Black Belt Certification through a blended learning experience of online coursework, virtual study halls, coaching and project support with a Master Black Belt.

$6,985   //  140 Hours

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Become a certified Green Belt through a blended learning experience of online coursework, virtual study halls, coaching and project support with a Master Black Belt.

$4,675   //  80 Hours

Leadership Training

Fundamentals of Project Management

Acquire the the fundamental skills, techniques, and methods necessary to plan and lead a complex project to successful completion.

$550   //  16 Hours

Lean Master Certification Program

Lead continuous improvement initiatives and drive transformative change as a Certified Lean Master.

$5,995   //  30 Hours

Lean Training

Agile Process Design

Strengthen your process design skills by combining the best of Design for Six Sigma, Agile, and Design Thinking.

$1,995   //  30 Hours

Kaizen Leader

Develop the skills needed to effectively plan and execute Kaizen events within your organization and become a Kaizen Leader.

$850   //  22 Hours

Lean Essentials for Technology Leaders and Teams

Learn how Lean principles can transform all aspects of IT, including application development, deployment, security, networks, and infrastructure.

$650   //  13 Hours

Lean Training

This graduated Lean training series covers basic, intermediate, and advanced Lean concepts. Learn how to reduce waste in your processes.

$449   //  22 Hours

Short Courses

Charting Process Behavior (SPC)

Establish a deep understanding of the tools and techniques essential for effectively monitoring and controlling processes.

$500   //  12 Hours