Lean Essentials for Technology Leaders and Teams

Learn how Lean principles can transform all aspects of IT, including application development, deployment, security, networks, and infrastructure.

Enhance Your IT Department's Agile Approach with Lean Six Sigma

Process improvement tools were born in the manufacturing sector, but they've helped drive significant changes in information technology in recent decades. But with several approaches to choose from, like Agile, DevOps, and the Lean Startup, it can be challenging to determine where to start. MoreSteam's Lean Essentials for Technology Leaders and Teams course shows how these toolsets connect and offer a path toward sustainable process improvement in the IT space.

This interactive, 13-hour course builds on the ideas introduced in the book, "The Lean IT Field Guide: A Roadmap for Your Transformation," illustrating how to develop problem-solving behaviors in frontline employees while turning managers into coaches. The book's co-authors, Michael Orzen and Thomas Paider, partnered with MoreSteam.com to create a comprehensive training platform to help elevate your organization's operational excellence efforts. Whether you're a leader or a frontline team member, this course will equip you with practical skills that lead to sustainable change.

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13 hours
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Creating the Path for a Lean IT Transformation

Learn how a new eLearning course based on Lean principles can help every arm of your organization's IT department become more efficient and effective. Learn More

The Lean IT Field Guide

Gain insight into the Fundamentals of Lean Management and learn how to drive sustainable change in your business. Learn More

Lean Essentials for Technology Leaders and Teams Curriculum

MoreSteam's Lean Essentials for Technology Leaders and Teams blends the best of Lean Six Sigma, Agile Methods, and DevOps and speaks specifically to deploying continuous improvement with your IT group. View a detailed outline of the course content.

Customer Value

4 Hrs

  1. Agile, DevOps, and More
  1. Lean IT Transformation
  1. Voice of the Customer
  1. Affinity Diagrams
  1. Critical to Quality Characteristics (CTQC)
  1. Introduction to EngineRoom®

Flow - Value Stream

3 Hrs

  1. The 8 Forms of Waste
  1. The Source of Value: Gemba
  1. Process Mapping (SIPOC)
  1. Value Stream Mapping
  1. Organizing for Success

Continuous Improvement

4 Hrs

  1. The PDCA Cycle
  1. 5-Why, 1-How
  1. Cause & Effect Diagrams
  1. Root Causes Analysis
  1. The A3 One-Page Report
  1. Kaizen Events

Management Systems

3 Hrs

  1. Leadership
  1. Visual Management
  1. Effective Change Management
  1. Leader Standard Work
  1. Best Practices in Lean IT

Included in this Course

Lesson audio, blackboard videos, formula walk-throughs, interactive exercises, and industry case studies
Select courses include a subscription to EngineRoom® Data Analysis Software or are compatible with Minitab or JMP
Course tools to track your progress, highlight the material, take notes, and bookmark lessons for review
English courses include audio narration to support multiple learning styles
Course customizations based on industry for a personalized learning experience
Lessons developed by industry leaders with 20+ years of experience delivering Lean Six Sigma training

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What's Included

  1. 13 hours of training with the flexibility to choose between reading or listening
  1. Insights from Michael A. Orzen and Thomas A. Paider's Lean IT Field Guide
  1. Assistance from instructors regarding content-related inquiries
  1. Customization options available for an additional cost
  1. An in-application feature for taking notes and highlighting the material
  1. Includes access to EngineRoom® Data Analysis Software for one year

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