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Test Before You Invest with Process Playground

The world's first web-based discrete event simulation tool. Turn design thinking into design doing without fear of failure. With Process Playground, you can create a "digital twin" of your process and virtually prototype new process design concepts.


How can I find the best solution to my process problems?

True innovation comes from pushing the boundaries. Encourage the consideration of "crazy" ideas which can be evaluated quickly and inexpensively.

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Choose the blocks that best fit your process

Process Playground offers many different types of blocks, allowing you to pick the one that best fits your real-life demand, set-up, and processing times. Choose from the variety of options such as queue, activity, core pull, decision, flexibatch and more.


How do you run experiments on a process that doesn't exist yet? Or if you can't safely experiment on customers or patients?

Build a digital twin, or virtual prototype, and run designed experiments to learn how your process performs in various scenarios.

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Start with what the customer needs

Unlike other modeling software, Process Playground provides a single location to define the items moving through your process. By thinking about what the customer values first, then translating that into items, you can more easily understand the value streams you are trying to improve.


How can I eliminate waste, bottlenecks, and other inefficiencies?

Better to identify problems in the design phase when they can be avoided at little cost, rather than finding problems after launch when they are much more expensive and painful. Fine tune parameters before committing further resources.

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Pick the data distribution that best fits your real-life data

Process Playground offers many distributions, allowing you to pick the one that best fits your real-life demand, set-up, and processing times. Choose from the variety of options or upload your own data.


How can you be sure the process improvement will work?

Pilot one or multiple process iterations to select the best solution.

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Animate to see process flaws or process flows

Unlike other simulation tools, Process Playground allows you to play, pause, and rewind the simulation. Debug your logic and share your options and solutions with stakeholders.


How will my process hold up against variation?

Static future state maps can be useful, but they assume that everything happens on average. Nothing does. Process problems are usually caused by variation, and static process maps don't tell you anything about how the process will respond to variation. With Process Playground, you can add variation and see what happens.

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Data reports that export to EngineRoom

Dive into the details by looking at Item and Block Reports. With the click of a button, you can export that data into EngineRoom for further analysis.


How can I get stakeholders on board with my recommendations?

A design solution that is backed by data is a lot easier to sell to project sponsors and funders. Showing a virtual model of a new process design enables stakeholders to see the expected impact of change requests. Proposed changes can be evaluated quickly and inexpensively.

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