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In Praise of Unglamorous Activities

June 10, 2024

Glamorous jobs steal the spotlight, but unglamorous work keeps the world running. Discover the vital role of process improvement in maintaining quality.

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Ep.8: Tailgating and Problem-Solving with Ken Robinette

Ken Robinette is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt who discusses his background and process improvement in this podcast episode.

Exploring the Power of Response Surface Methodology

This 1-hour webinar will equip you with the fundamentals of Response Surface Methodology, powerful statistical techniques designed to help you model, analyze, and optimize complex systems with multiple variables.

Blended Black Belt Fall Session Now Enrolling!

Kickoff: August 31, 2023

Earn a Master Black Belt Certification in 2024

Take the next step in your career and advance to become a Master Black Belt. Offered in Collaboration with The Ohio State University.

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