Who is MoreSteam?

The MoreSteam Story and People Behind the Software

We are the leading global provider of training and software for Lean Six Sigma.

We work with individuals, universities, and businesses large and small to provide proven solutions that are right for them. From interactive training to process improvement software, we are here to help you work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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Our Mission

To deliver powerful, accessible and affordable process improvement and training tools that advance the performance of you and your organization.

"In its simplest terms, our mission is to build software to help people make important things work better, whether it's the quality of an aircraft engine or the waiting time to see a doctor. The practice of process improvement touches all our lives in very direct ways, so if we can use technology to accelerate that work, we're all better off for the effort."

-Bill Hathaway, Founder & CEO

Bill Hathaway, Founder & CEO

Our Values

Peg Pennington, President

Peg Pennington, President

We value innovation, integrity, quality, safety, and authentic relationships. As a company grounded in continuous improvement, we apply those concepts to our own business — updating and enhancing our products on a regular basis.

With a steadfast focus on process improvement, we regularly collaborate with customers to uncover surprising insights that enable us to create and implement cutting-edge solutions. We also understand and prioritize the importance of system availability and security in every corner of the world.

Perhaps most importantly, we take great pride in building genuine, long-term relationships. Starting from the initial point of contact, our goal is to do whatever we can to help you thrive.

Our Team

As a small business, we rely on our exceptionally talented team to help us serve a diverse client base. We work with large, multinational companies as well as individuals seeking certification, and we pride ourselves on providing the same level of amazing customer service for everyone.

Each employee has more than one job, with the ultimate goal of making sure we deliver the value and quality our customers expect. That personal commitment to each individual customer's success sets us apart from other eLearning and technology companies.

MoreSteam Team

(From left to right) Karina Dube - EngineRoom Product Manager, Lindsay VanDyne - Vice President of Marketing, and Brian Bross - eLearning Product Manager

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Our Products

The Engine Room of Continuous Improvement®



250+ hours of Lean Six Sigma online training courses

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Suite of online DMAIC and Lean simulated projects



Online data analysis application



Online project tracking software



Discrete event simulation software



Training dashboard for instructors and coaches



Lean Six Sigma Green, Black & Master Black Belts

Use Technology to Empower Your Continuous Improvement Program