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No Charge for Team Members

We encourage broad participation in process improvement. Team members can access TRACtion on a no-charge basis.

Low Start-Up Fees

A fully-functional TRACtion instance requires a one-time setup fee of $10,000.

Low Annual Usage Fees

You can run TRACtion for annual costs as low as $10,000 (this reflects a minimum usage of 10 "Power Users", meaning Team Leaders, Champions/Sponsors, Financial Auditors).

Minimal Cost for Legacy Import

Our development team can import legacy projects into TRACtion from other applications. Quotes for importation and/or customizations are provided during configuration consultation.


One-timeSetup feeplusAnnualUsage Fee

  • No Upgrade fees
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Quick Setup
  • Dedicated Support
  • Built-in Reporting
  • Customizable Roadmaps

Custom Pricing that Supports Enterprise Deployments

Every organization's journey is unique. TRACtion is the solution to managing process improvement work for organizations of all sizes.

  • Data-Driven decision making with reports, financial analysis, and EngineRoom integration.
  • Streamlined Project Management with KPIs, dashboards, and tasks.
  • Standardized Methodologies like DMAIC critical tollgate questions, A3s, and custom roadmaps.
  • Collaboration and Communication with idea hopper, coaching, and huddle boards.

Not just another tool. See why more teams are choosing TRACtion

...great repository of all of our Kaizen events, Green Belt, and Black Belt projects...great "standard work" for project tollgate reporting by the project leaders. We wanted some customization and MoreSteam did a great job of accommodating our needs.

Steve E.

LSS Professional, President

...easy to navigate, built with the user in mind, and the right balance of usability and functionality. Add to that great support by the MoreSteam team.

Whitney M.

Principal Consultant, MBB

TRACtion enables MBBs and sponsors to oversee far more projects than they could without it. The critical questions in each phase (customizable) do a good portion of the coaching a belt needs, cutting down on the back and forth usually required as a coach.

Andrea K.

LSS Deployment Leader, MBB

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