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Cloud-based Project Management Software

TRACtion is the solution for your Lean Six Sigma & Process Improvement work where teams can record, implement, collaborate and share all in one place.

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Streamline Project Performance

TRACtion is a single seamless platform to support all of the work of process improvement across your organization. Whether you have a Lean Six Sigma program or a custom approach to process improvement, TRACtion can be easily adapted to support your efforts.

Powerful Project Execution

Offering a measured balance between power and simplicity, TRACtion puts project execution at your focal point. MoreSteam's integrated technology platform provides all of the necessary elements to power continuous improvement as a sustainable system.

  1. Accelerated Project Execution using TRACtion®
  2. Interactive Practice-based Online Training
  3. Instructional Simulations and Games
  1. Data Analytics with EngineRoom®
  2. Process Modeling with Process Playground
  3. Performance Coaching using Coach View


Improve KPI
Performance & Project Selection

Select the right projects in the first place by assuring projects target one or more Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Make your projects' key metrics more visible and accessible by adding them to your TRACtion projects. TRACtion provides graphical summaries for a quick progress review and the ability to drill-down into the data tables.


Keep Projects on Time & on Budget

Link project phases to MoreSteam's world-class training to take “just-in-time” support to the next level. With tools, templates and tutorials for immediate access by end users. These process improvement resources allow project teams to forge ahead, keeping projects on-time and on budget.

A Platform Built for Continuous Improvement Teams

Customized Reports and Dashboards

TRACtion eliminates the hassle and saves time with a simple interface to distribute insightful reports and dashboards to stakeholders.

Proven Pathways to Done

TRACtion has over a dozen pre-loaded roadmaps along with the ability to customize your own project roadmaps. You create your own rules for reviews and approvals.

Enchanced Visiblity

Project work is visible in TRACtion so coaches can monitor progress and provide real-time guidance to keep things going. Its integrated coaching interface enables coaches to plan, deliver, and document coaching sessions.

Advanced security

Iron-clad data security is our #1 priority. Data is fully encrypted at all times. Our safeguards assure that the TRACtion infrastructure remains robust and resilient to intrusion.

Integrated Enterprise Platform

The TRACtion platform is seamlessly integrated with EngineRoom data analysis and MoreSteam's eLearning.

Continuous Innovation

Our dedicated development team delivers frequent updates and improvements. Our newest feature, AI Assist, helps teams refine project charters and problem statements using the power of AI.


Increase Project Sucessess
with Effective Support

Project teams benefit from timely, customized coaching delivered at the point of need. Make the highest and best use of experienced lean practitioners and master black belts by utilizing the analytics and coaching tools TRACtion provides.


Increase Project Completion Rates

TRACtion implements workflow rules and responsibilities to ensure phase completion and standardization. And, it makes the status of projects visible, bringing accountability to the process of process improvement. TRACtion highlights projects requiring intervention, increasing project success on-time and on budget.

TRACtion is a great project management tool that guides belts with key questions for each project phase, automated workflow for reviews/approvals, and capability to track financial benefits. The new integration to attach EngineRoom studies directly to TRACtion is a great addition. I also like that TRACtion can be customized to the client's needs if necessary.

Amita S.

Performance Improvement Consultant

We grew from 50-300+ projects, and TRACtion made it easy for us. We also use it at my current company for the same reason, and are seeing the same impact and ease of use. From a Master black belt, or program lead, it is a tremendous tool. For the belts, the link to e-training is critical, and the ability to follow the project pathway makes progress easy to track and process.

William S.

Sr. Managing MBB

TRACtion enables MBBs and sponsors to oversee far more projects than they could without it. The critical questions in each phase (customizable) do a good portion of the coaching a belt needs, cutting down on the back and forth usually required as a coach. I am very excited about the new functionality which will allow us to move seamlessly from EngineRoom to TRACtion--again avoiding duplicate work.

Andrea K.

LSS Deployment Leader, MBB


Share Critical
Deployment Information

Share critical project information between project team members, Lean leaders and Lean Six Sigma champions, and process owners. Is a project successful if no one knows about it? TRACtion's customized and automated reporting engine makes the question rhetorical.


Seamless Project Execution

TRACtion users who also use EngineRoom data analysis software can link their work directly with a TRACtion project. Eliminate the non-value added steps of updating project information and always provide the most current information to stakeholders.

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