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Lean Six Sigma

You wouldn't let your team miss the last practice before the championship game.

No one wants their team to hit the field before they're ready — not without plenty of practice. The same can be said about large-scale improvement projects. Ask yourself, within your Lean Six Sigma deployment, what's your ratio of practice to performing? Practicing with simulations is a quick way to recreate the complexity and messiness of problem-solving without the risk of ineffective projects and costly mistakes in the future.
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Increase comprehension and confidence with Simulations

More than just a collection of tools, Lean Six Sigma is a methodology — a means of critically analyzing and solving workplace problems. MoreSteam's Enterprise Process Improvement Model supports organizations working to develop an effective problem-solving culture.

An essential component of this model is training simulations. During a sim, students are given the freedom to apply tools and techniques to reinforce critical thinking and practical application of knowledge. Plus, the successful completion of a simulated project gives students the confidence they need to excel on real project work.

Sigma Sim® Process Improvement Simulations

St. Sigma Hospital System
VISIT A VIRTUAL GEMBA to understand the importance of site-inspection and data collection.
Any Number
  • Any Audience
VISIT A VIRTUAL GEMBA in a financial setting to understand the importance of site-inspection and data collection.
Any number
  • Any Audience
Sherlock Holmes Zombie Hunter
A CAPSTONE PROJECT facilitated over one day and focused on investigative DMAIC problem solving.
Teams of 2-3 People
  • Yellow Belts
  • Green Belts
6-8 hours
SigmaBrew Coffee
A CAPSTONE PROJECT focused on each aspect of the DMAIC Process facilitated over 2-3 days.
Teams of 2-3 People
  • Green Belts
  • Black Belts
16-24 hours
A KAIZEN-FOCUSED EVENT illustrating Lean Office principles and process improvement with virtual products.
7-15 Participants
  • All Levels
  • Kaizen Leaders
  • Champions
6-8 hours
A PROCESS DESIGN CHALLENGE to practice design thinking and experiment with process modeling.
Teams of 2-3 People
8-16 hours
ROLE-BASED, MOBILE-FRIENDLY simulation teaching process improvement at each step in the production process.
5-7 Participants
  • Any Audience
1-2 hours
Tollgate Adventure
A DMAIC TOLLGATE ROLE-PLAY simulation designed to lead Lean Six Sigma team Sponsors and Champions through a series of project tollgate reviews.
  • Sponsors
  • Champions
2-4 hours

Accessible for Classrooms, Conferences, Home Offices, and Everything in Between

All MoreSteam simulations are able to be run in a conference space in-person, or virtually through a video call. Since all simulations are web-based, participants only need a computer or smart device, an internet connection, and access to a web browser to play.

Contact Us if you have questions on how you can integrate simulations with your training activities or OpEx initiatives.

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