Tollgate Adventure: A Project Review Simulation for Sponsors and Champions

Tollgate Adventure: A Project Review Simulation for Sponsors and Champions

Project Review Simulation for Champions and Sponsors

Guided Practice for Leaders Engaging in Lean Six Sigma Project Teams

Tollgate Adventure provides guided practice for Lean Six Sigma project sponsors and champions in leading a series of project tollgate reviews. The role play emphasizes the critical thinking required of sponsors and champions and the importance of reinforcing it in project teams. This simulation builds participants' confidence in the tollgate process, from knowing the basics to understanding the execution. Participants practice asking essential, open-ended questions - rather than making evaluative statements - to demonstrate behaviors consistent with a continuous improvement culture.

Time To Complete

2-4 hours



Key Concepts

Conducting a Project Tollgate Review, Confidence in Asking the Right Questions, Helping Teams Overcome Obstacles, Understanding the Role of Leadership in Project Execution

Evolve Beyond Checklist Reviews and Information Transfers

Too often, tollgate reviews are reduced to merely reporting information and checking the boxes because leaders aren't clear about their roles and how to carry them out. Tollgate Adventure examines the project’s likelihood of success within a management review and inquiry forum. When leaders ask questions instead of judging and directing actions, it encourages problem-solving at the team level.

In Tollgate Adventure, sponsors and champions receive a realistic scenario of a less-than-perfect project. Online videos, interactive question-answer sequences, and dynamic scorecards create an experiential learning activity that follows the E.A.T. sequence: Experience, Application, and Theory.

Other benefits of running Tollgate include:

  1. Builds confidence and competence in leading the tollgate process
  2. Participants can complete the simulation in a half-day or less
  3. Flexible training solution that can be completed by an individual or a class

Demonstrate Leadership Engagement in Continuous Improvement Work

Tollgate reviews allow sponsors and champions to lead a project review and emphasize the importance of everyone participating in achieving Operational Excellence. When leaders ask questions instead of judging or directing actions, it encourages problem-solving at the team level.

Tollgate Adventure will prepare leaders to:

  1. Demonstrates the critical thinking required of the sponsor/champion role and provide practice in question-driven reviews
  2. Model the review format and leadership behaviors to reinforce a culture of continuous improvement
  3. Highlight common tollgate trouble areas such as project scope and technical tools
  4. Provides immediate feedback about the likely impact on project effectiveness and timeliness based on the participant's responses

The Challenge

Tollgate Adventure is a short, self-paced simulation that can be completed individually or as part of a small team. Participants receive short video clips of a complete set of DMAIC project tollgate reviews. Each tollgate review is broken into snippets of a project team leader’s presentation. If clarification or additional information is needed, the participant may ask questions or provide comments to guide the team’s activity. Responses are scored based on whether they contribute to the project’s effectiveness and progress, or detract from the project’s completion.

Tollgate Adventure can be used as a standalone training or coupled with the 15-hour online Lean Six Sigma Champion course.

Instructor Materials

Facilitators will receive an “Instructor’s Version” of Tollgate Adventure, which has unique functionality from the players’ version. It includes:

  1. An annotated set of solutions for every activity
  2. A “real-time” scoreboard of project metrics as teams progress through the simulation
  3. Teaching tips and coaching suggestions to help customize each lesson

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