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Managing a Lean Six Sigma Training Program Made Simple

Streamline the management of your Lean Six Sigma training program using MoreSteam's admin tool - part of our integrated software platform for process improvement. Effortlessly control access, maintain student records, and review summary and detailed training statistics for individual and several cohorts. Establish automatic, personalized training reports conveniently delivered to your inbox. Or, seamlessly integrate the data with your existing system through data export or API connectivity.

Easily Manage Training Access

Deliver training to your organization through a variety of convenient methods for enrollment. Integrate with your organization's LMS, provide a link for users to pay by card, or send us the enrollments, and we will process them for you.

Integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Embed our courses into learning management systems like Workday, SuccessFactors, Plateau, and Cornerstone OnDemand.

Customized, Secure Enrollment Portals

Develop a link with your organization's branding to allow users to purchase with a credit card.

Bulk Enrollments via Spreadsheets

Make group enrollments in a flash with our standardized spreadsheet.

Informed Coaching Moments with Training Insights from the Student Dashboard

Coach View provides an overview of key metrics for your training cohort, featuring a box plot of skill check scores, a bubble plot indicating participants' progress in the course, and insights into engagement with crucial features like practices and videos. Easily delve into individual or select students facing challenges to optimize your time and interventions. Leverage Coach View to pinpoint comprehension gaps and identify concepts that frequently challenge students. Armed with this information, tailor study sessions to reinforce the topic(s) requiring the most attention.

Visual signals display patterns in Lean Six Sigma concepts that students are struggling with.

See if your students are engaging with training with statistics on what they've viewed and clicked.

Quickly monitor progress across your cohort and drill down into students who need intervention.

Automated Nudges Keep Students on Track for Training Deadlines

Ensure your students stay on track with their training journey using our automated reminder tool: Nag-o-matic! Establish a personalized schedule for course completion and craft customized email reminders to be automatically sent before each deadline, highlighting important information such as upcoming study hall dates.

Your Training Stats, Your Way—Fully Customizable

Retrieve your information in a way that suits your needs: export the data as a .CSV, automate reports to be delivered to your inbox, or connect to an existing internal system with a customized API. Filter your training data based on conditions that are significant to you. Gain valuable insights into training statistics categorized by course, business unit, training cohort, locale, and more.


Get your data the way you need it. Export it out of our system by filtering on the conditions that matter to you. Easily see training stats by course, business unit, training cohort, locale, and more.


Set it and forget it reporting with MoreReports. Customize your report the way you want it, and schedule it to be sent to yourself, other admins on your team, and stakeholders on the cadence that matters to you.


Work with us to develop a customized API to connect data from our system to an existing dashboard or system on your end.

Our Priority is Keeping Your Data Secure

With nearly 20 years of experience building and running software for thousands of the world's largest corporations, MoreSteam has adopted advanced security technologies and practices.

We make continuous efforts to assure that the infrastructure remains robust, available, and resilient to intrusion. These safeguards ensure safe, permission-based access to MoreSteam's applications.

Achieve Success Beyond Lean Six Sigma Training with MoreSteam's Integrated Technology Platform

Managing a Lean Six Sigma Training Program is more than rolling out training. The real work lies in developing impactful projects tailored to the organization's needs and equipping individuals within your organization to execute these projects successfully. MoreSteam's integrated technology platform includes data analysis software, process modeling for Lean transformations, project tracking software, and a plethora of training simulations that help to build both competency and confidence in aspiring Lean Six Sigma practitioners.

Whether you're initiating Lean Six Sigma training or looking to elevate an existing program, MoreSteam's platform is your strategic partner in building a successful and results-driven initiative.

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