Why students prefer the Blended Learning model

August 18, 2020

Rather than relying on heavy (often boring) textbooks to supplement a curriculum, Blended Learning models take advantage of technology to create an engaging, interactive experience for every student.

And because students spend so much time online to begin with, it makes sense to create a digital hub where they can access notes and complementary programs like TRACtion and EngineRoom, further enhancing the course material.

In MoreSteam's Blended Learning model, students also have the opportunity to practice in open-ended simulations like SigmaBrew DMAIC and Sherlock Holmes Zombie Hunter, giving them the opportunity to collaborate with classmates and find solutions together.

We recently caught up with a few students who used MoreSteam's interactive eLearning courses in graduate school classes, asking what they liked best about the experience.

Julian Rizza

2020 graduate of Duquesne University — M.S. in Supply Chain Management

Julian Rizza
  • "The accessibility is really nice. If I wasn't at my house, I could pull up MoreSteam on my phone or laptop and go right to a certain chapter, without having to lug around a big textbook."
  • "With textbooks, you often spend a lot of your time just trying to find where something is. The online course is really user-friendly, and everything is easy to find. You can log in and quickly locate exactly what you're looking for."
  • "It was great having TRACtion visibly show me the progress I was making. You could also dig into a project and see where there were areas for improvement. That was very useful as well."

Nicolas Tawse

2020 graduate of the University of Notre Dame — Master's degree in Business Administration

  • "With textbooks, you lose interest after a while. All the pages start to look the same. Moving that to an online platform, with fun videos and interactive exercises and practice quizzes, it helps you stay focused."
  • "The online curriculum made the class more fun. It integrated the SigmaBrew simulation, where we got to work in teams to run a new coffee shop. That made everything easy to understand — we've all been to coffee shops before, so we could see the practicality of the concepts we were learning, and how they related to a startup business."

Selty Zhong

Current graduate student at Duquesne University — M.S. in Supply Chain Management

  • "I was actually just talking to someone about how much I prefer having an online module to study from, rather than a book. It's very interactive, with good examples and good videos — a lot of creative elements are included."
  • "The practice quizzes are really helpful. That kind of gives you a preview of what the tests will be like. The tests are usually a little more difficult, but those practice quizzes give you a great idea about what you need to study so you can go in confident and well-prepared."

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