The Blended Learning Model

A Process Improvement Approach to Process Improvement

Blended Learning is more effective, cost-efficient, and flexible than traditional classroom models.

Lean Six Sigma Training Model Example

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What is Blended Learning?

More than just a "flipped classroom," the model combines online training with instructor support, simulations, and other practice-based activities.

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60% Time spent practicing builds confidence and competence for projects

Why is it more effective?

The experiential learning component provides the opportunity to learn, do, and reflect — which isn't present in other models.

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Reduce training costs by 50%

Can I reduce training costs?

Your training budget can be reduced by minimizing expensive face-to-face instruction while improving the effectiveness of your training.

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How to get started

How do I get started?

Your first step may be simply adding a simulation to your current curriculum or you may want to jump in and redesign your entire program.

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