Can Blended Learning reduce training costs?

When compared to the traditional, instructor‐led model, Blended Learning can drastically reduce your cost of training. Check out all the ways you'll save:

Eliminate Travel Costs
Reduce Facility Expenses
Cut Costs on Printed Materials
Teach in Multiple Languages at Once

Free up your instructors

In addition to the list above, Blended Learning also helps save time for your instructors and coaches.

Free Up Instructors Graphic

Rather than having to deliver the same material to multiple groups, they'll be able to focus on one-on-one coaching or other projects, while still ensuring that students get a standardized, comprehensive education. More projects will be completed faster, therefore improving the ROI to the organization.

Finding the right fit

Cheaper doesn't always mean better. There are less expensive Blended Learning options on the market, but none offer the high-quality education that MoreSteam does.

As one of the global leaders in Lean Six Sigma training, MoreSteam has served:

Top‐level institutions like Cal Poly, Ohio State and Duquesne also utilize our courses to train their students in both undergraduate and master's programs.

Professors at those universities say one of the many reasons they like using MoreSteam is because so many high‐profile companies use it as well, giving students who are entering the job market an advantage. When they join a company like Lockheed Martin, Ernst & Young, or General Electric, they'll have experienced the exact same training as many of their peers.

So, rather than simply shopping for the lowest price available, we recommend finding a Blended Learning course that will help you save money while still providing students with a comprehensive, trusted education that's used by many of the most successful organizations in the world.

Flexible Prices

MoreSteam courses start at $200, and group discounts are available. We offer tiered pricing based on group size along with special pricing for academic and military organizations. For unlimited use of our training products, please inquire about enterprise licensing.

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