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Training & Technology to Drive Operational Excellence

MoreSteam's Enterprise Process Improvement Platform includes the tools, training, and software you need to transform your organization into a problem-solving powerhouse.

Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Creating a culture of continuous improvement is a journey. It requires engagement from leaders, readily available continuous improvement training and resources, and technology to empower teams to make decisions. We believe Operational Excellence is driven by involving everyone, rather than leaving process improvement to the "experts." MoreSteam's enterprise process improvement platform offers a plug-and-play solution, allowing you to focus on the human side of creating a culture of problem-solving.

Drive Operational Excellence with a Platform Built for Continuous Improvement

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Join the ranks of Fortune 500 companies that trust MoreSteam for their enterprise process improvement. Our integrated approach — featuring training, project tracking and execution, simulations, and statistical analysis — empowers your team to create a culture where structured problem-solving becomes second nature.


Continuous Improvement Training

Equip Your Team with the Skills to Excel

Achieving Operational Excellence in your organization starts with training people to think differently. MoreSteam's practice-based continuous improvement training focuses on practical application and integrates several continuous improvement strategies like Lean, Six Sigma, PDCA, and Kaizen to develop critical thinkers who are skilled at structured problem-solving. Our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt courses were approved by The American Society for Quality (ASQ), endorsed by industry leaders such as the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE), and utilized in curricula at universities like The Ohio State University. By utilizing MoreSteam's comprehensive continuous improvement training, free up your team to focus on the human elements of process improvement - coaching, mentoring and working on projects.

Training Simulations

Boost Your Team's Confidence

Adopting a continuous improvement mindset starts by being inspired and only develops with plenty of practice. MoreSteam's suite of Lean and DMAIC training simulations accomplish both. Our Lean simulations immerse participants in processes, allowing them to discover firsthand the effectiveness of Lean practices. After completing continuous improvement training, participants can apply their knowledge in a fully simulated DMAIC project, integrating their learning into practical application. Much like preparing a team for a championship game, the more "reps" your team gets in critically thinking through the phases of DMAIC, the more confident and capable they will become in tackling organizational projects. These training simulations offer a risk-free environment to hone problem-solving skills and reinforce critical thinking with real-world scenarios and actual case study data.

Performance Coaching

Training Analytics to Support Coaches

Coach View provides key metrics on continuous improvement training cohorts, arming coaches with better information to have more targeted interventions with participants, more productive 1:1's, and study halls that are tailored to the needs of the cohort. Plus, with MoreSteam's other admin features, your organization can manage access, maintain student records, and review detailed training statistics for deployments large and small. Automatically receive personalized training reports or integrate data with your existing system for a comprehensive view of your continuous improvement training initiative.

Data Analysis for Quality Professionals

EngineRoom is the ideal statistical software package for professionals in quality and continuous improvement. Competitively priced, EngineRoom enables every person in your organization to make data-driven decisions that drive progress towards operational excellence. With cutting-edge features like an AI assistant, process modeling capabilities (discrete event simulation), and robust Lean Six Sigma tools, EngineRoom empowers organizations to achieve operational excellence through data-driven decision-making.

Rapidly Pilot Process Designs with Process Playground - Included with EngineRoom

Process Playground enhances MoreSteam's Enterprise Process Improvement Platform by allowing you to create digital twins of your processes and virtually prototype new design concepts. Seamlessly integrated with EngineRoom, it supports your team throughout training and project execution. By piloting new ideas and stress-testing designs, you can explore, optimize, and validate improvements without risking real-world implementation. Engage stakeholders with data-driven insights, predict outcomes, and quickly evaluate proposed changes to ensure effective improvements that won't impact your bottom line.

Project Management

Measure Your Impact with TRACtion

TRACtion, cloud-based project management software, was designed to streamline continuous improvement work by enabling teams to record, implement, collaborate, and share all in one place. As part of MoreSteam's platform, TRACtion supports all areas of continuous improvement. With features like customized reports and dashboards, real-time coaching, advanced security, and seamless integration with EngineRoom, TRACtion ensures projects are completed on time and on budget, enhancing visibility and accountability across your organization.

The MoreSteam Difference

We are the people behind the software who care about your success.

MoreSteam's Enterprise Process Improvement Platform is built by a team with extensive experience in delivering online education and building software. Our products are trusted by over half of the Fortune 500 and by other organizations and universities worldwide. When you partner with MoreSteam you gain a team dedicated to helping you succeed. Whether you're hoping to enroll a large deployment or a single master black belt, we pride ourselves on providing the same high-quality products and tailored customer service for everyone. Get to know our team.

From our University and Corporate Partners to individuals seeking certification, we pride ourselves on delivering the best customer support to everyone.

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