Hold Please! A Process Design Challenge Simulation

Hold Please! A Process Design Challenge Simulation

Challenge Your Team to Design A Better Way to Work!

Practice Design Thinking and Experiment with Process Modeling as You Walk Through the DCDOV Roadmap

Challenge your deployment to learn process design by going through the DCDOV roadmap. Deal Co. and Gold Co., two small companies in the telecom industry, have decided to merge. This integration will hopefully increase market share as one unified conglomerate. The only problem? Deal Co. focuses on giving individual customers the best deal possible, and Gold Co. concentrates mainly on family accounts with unlimited service. How can your team seamlessly merge the two organizations without compromising value, resources, people, and the bottom line?

Time To Complete

8-16 hours


Teams of 2-3 People

Key Concepts

Process Modeling & Virtual Prototyping, CTQCs, Discrete Event Simulation, Validating Capabilities, Error-Proofing, Iterative Design, Predicting Process Performance, Reliability Testing, FMEA, Piloting Solutions

Recommended Prerequisite:

Green Belt or equivalent

Designing a New Process with DCDOV

Hold Please! uses the DCDOV road map to engage participants at each stage of the design process. Students spend two days walking through each step from Define to Verify to theorize, test, and evaluate their results. The Hold Please! facilitator will work with students to scope the project using CTQCs, mitigate failure risks, optimize performance, and perform verification testing. Each team will brainstorm multiple concepts and pilot their solutions.

Participants will perform various exercises including:

  1. Identifying VOC and stakeholder analysis
  2. Select measurable CTQCs
  3. Define Performance Standards (Metrics) and establish a baseline performance
  4. Develop concept alternatives
  5. Develop and Evaluate a High-Level Design
  1. Ensure Error-Proof Executions
  2. Design for Reliable Performance
  3. Evaluate Process Capability
  4. Pilot and launch the product or service

Critically Think at Each Stage of the Design Process

Comprehension of Process Design goes beyond metrics and data analytics. While the collection of tools available is seemingly endless, true understanding is evaluated by the ability to think critically about the project, while using the correct tools for the job. As students move through the challenge, they'll have opportunities to tap into the knowledge and skills developed in their eLearning courses. With recommendations and guidance from their facilitator, participants will design the new call center process and iterate their ideas to gain a firmer grasp of real-world problem-solving during the design process.

A New Way to Visualize with Process Playground®

For this simulation, students will have access to EngineRoom, featuring Process Playground — a suite of data analysis software focused on process improvement. Experimental process changes and error‐proofing become an easier hurdle to clear with the ability to visualize and work with provided datasets. Process Playground allows participants to transform static process maps into a workable, animated digital twin of real‐life operations. Students will be able to see bottlenecks and simulated output to fully understand how their design choices and solutions impact long‐term processes.

Instructor Materials

The instructor version of Hold Please! offers an annotated set of solutions for every activity. Teaching tips and coaching suggestions are also included to help adapt each lesson a variety of ways.

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