The Future of RCA: Machine Learning-Driven Root Cause DiscoveryJune 12, 2024 3:00 PM UTC

In this webinar, EngineRoom Product Manager Karina Dubé delves into "The Future of RCA: Machine Learning-Driven Root Cause Discovery." This presentation is a deep dive into how machine learning is transforming Root Cause Analysis (RCA), offering a new paradigm for identifying and addressing the underlying causes of issues in various industries. Karina guides the participants through the intersection of traditional RCA methods and cutting-edge machine learning technologies, demonstrating their impact and application in real-world scenarios.

This webinar covered:

  • The evolution of RCA tools from traditional methodologies to advanced machine learning techniques, illustrating the shift towards more efficient and accurate problem-solving methods.
  • Key concepts of machine learning, providing a foundational understanding of how these algorithms learn from data to make predictions or decisions, enhancing RCA efforts.
  • Practical applications and case studies, such as the use of classification trees in manufacturing, showing how machine learning can be applied to uncover root causes in complex scenarios.
  • Challenges and considerations when integrating machine learning into RCA practices, offering insights into how to navigate potential obstacles and implement these tools effectively.
  • The broader implications of machine learning in RCA across different sectors, demonstrating its versatility and potential to drive significant improvements in problem-solving and decision-making processes.

Check out the webinar recording below, and learn how to expand your toolkit by employing root cause analysis with a machine learning twist!

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Karina Dubé

EngineRoom Product ManagerMoreSteam

Karina Dubé began working at MoreSteam in 2016. She started as a Software Developer on the eLearning team, then moved into a Developer role on EngineRoom. She later became the Lead Designer on Process Playground before landing her current role as the EngineRoom Product Manager. She discovers and documents customer pain points in and out of the software and translates them into easy-to-use EngineRoom features. She also prioritizes and schedules work for the EngineRoom development team. Karina is passionate about understanding problems by using data, designing solutions with mockups and wireframes, and prioritizing information to make a better product.

Karina received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and an MSc in Interactive Media from University College Cork, Ireland.

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