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Peg Pennington, President - MoreSteam

With all the focus on agile and lean methodologies, organizations keep trying to simplify our very complex world. Yet, few organizations have been successful in sustaining streamlined processes. Rapidly advancing technology, volatile markets, laws, industry regulations, and other factors attack different components of established processes. We begin to expect, and in some instances might accept, more system failures or system "accidents." What counter measures can be implemented to effectively lead your organization through the complexity of daily operations?

Join Peg Pennington as she discusses how operationally excellent companies respond to system complexity to build sustainable, high-quality processes that exceed customer expectations. A key success factor is establishing Lean Management Systems that are truly lean.

In this session, the following key points will be covered:

  • Identifying the sources of complexity that increase vulnerability to failure
  • Clearing the path with Lean
  • Balancing the four components of a Lean Management System
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Peg Pennington
Peg Pennington


Peg Pennington joined MoreSteam's executive team in 2018 and provides leadership to all company operations. Previously, Peg was the Executive Director of the Center for Operational Excellence at The Ohio State University. She will continue as an adjunct instructor of the Master of Business Operational Excellence ('MBOE') curriculum at Ohio State's Fisher College of Business. Before joining Ohio State, Peg served in a managerial role at Emerson Network Power.

Peg earned a bachelor's degree in finance from Michigan State University and an MBA from the University of Dayton.

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