Introduction to Process Modeling for Data-Driven Lean Design

January 10th, 17th, 24th | 3 Week Virtual Master Class | $150

This three-part series will walk through the process of process modeling, from initial data mining and analysis to distribution identification and examining the process with a value stream map. We will use this information to build a baseline discrete event simulation (DES) model using Process Playground™, validate the baseline model against the value stream map, and then use the new digital twin of the process to model improvements to the process and expansions to our product line.

Whether you're a complete novice with process modeling or have previously worked with other software, this series is a fun and informative way to learn more about process modeling, data analysis, and building validated models that mimic process reality.

Master Series: January 10th, 17th, 24th at 11:00 AM Eastern

In week one, we'll introduce simulating a process using MoreSteam's Process Playground software and build our first basic model. We will also walk through a complete value stream map for SigmaBrew, a coffee shop opening its first airport location.

The second week will build on week one, migrating from basic to intermediate modeling, starting with examining SigmaBrew's data. We will use EngineRoom to dissect the data, articulate any sub-processes at work, and identify the best-fit distribution and parameters for those processes. We'll then expand the week one model to include the complexity uncovered during our data analysis.

Finally, in week three, we'll move from intermediate to advanced models, and we'll further expand the model to predict the performance of the coffee shop as demand increases and becomes more complex. We will determine the best staffing plan for the new process and model other opportunities for expansion and improvement.

Registration Fee is $150. Software Included.

We're pleased to support your professional development and the continued success of your organization.

Included in the Process Modeling Master Series:

  • Three hour-long sessions led by Dr. Lars Maaseidvaag
  • Case Study: SigmaBrew
  • 60-day full access to EngineRoom software with Process Playground
  • Downloadable certificate of completion after requirements are fulfilled

January 10, 2024

Session 1: Introduction to Process Modeling and DES

January 17, 2024

Session 2: Distribution Identification and Customer Segmentation

January 24, 2024

Session 3: Demand Variability and Staffing Optimization

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Lars Maaseidvaag
Lars Maaseidvaag

MoreSteam Client Services

Dr. Lars Maaseidvaag continues to expand the breadth and depth of the MoreSteam curriculum by integrating the learning of Lean tools and concepts with advanced process modeling methods. Lars led the development of Process Playground, a Web-based discrete event simulation program. Before coming to MoreSteam in 2009, he was the Curriculum Director for Accenture/George Group and has also worked in operations research and management consulting.

Lars received a PhD in Operations Research from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Prior to his PhD, Lars earned a M.S. in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering as well as an MBA from The University of Texas in Austin.