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Strengthen your process design skills by combining the best of Design for Six Sigma, Agile, and Design Thinking in MoreSteam's online Agile Process Design course.

Excel in Customer-Centric Design with Agile Process Design Training

Process improvement methodologies in the technology space have exploded in recent years with the rise of Agile Software Development, Design for Six Sigma, Design Thinking, and Lean Startup. All of these offer firm foundations for driving customer-centric process design but the extensive body of work produced on these systems - not to mention their overlapping principles and tools - can pose a challenge to organizations: Which path is the right one for us?

MoreSteam's Agile Process Design training addresses this challenge by synthesizing the most transformative design best practices from Agile Software Development, Design for Six Sigma, Design Thinking, and Lean Startup into an interactive, 30-hour course that can help shape leaders ready for the unpredictable digital world. With a heavy focus on transforming the voice of the customer into actionable process design changes, this course introduces principles of Agile Process Design and blends crucial project leadership best practices.

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30 hours
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Rapidly Pilot Process Designs with Process Playground

Good process design requires experimentation. Creating a digital twin of a new process is the best way to quickly and easily test your design. Discrete event simulation is a powerful technique used to build process models that accurately mimic the variation we see in our processes.

This course teaches you how to build a good process from day one and validate your successful improvement decisions. We'll teach you how to use Process Playground, our web-based discrete event simulation tool, by following a straightforward case study to experiment with different design ideas easily. Once you're comfortable with the software, you'll have a chance to experiment with your own process designs.

Agile Process Design Curriculum


4 Hrs

  1. DNA of Agile Process Design
  1. Design Thinking
  1. Closing the Gap
  1. The 8 Forms of Waste
  1. DCDOV - The Design Roadmap
  1. Introduction to EngineRoom®


5 Hrs

  1. Project Selection
  1. Project Charter
  1. Leadership Characteristics
  1. Leading Teams
  1. Developing an Effective Team
  1. Improving Team Development


6 Hrs

  1. Voice of The Customer
  1. Market Segmentation
  1. Affinity Diagram
  1. CTQC Tree Diagram
  1. Operational Definition
  1. QFD Simplified


2 Hrs

  1. Metrics
  1. Benchmarking
  1. Brainstorming
  1. Encouraging The Creative Process
  1. Narrowing Down The List of Ideas
  1. Pugh Concept Selection


5 Hrs

  1. Design Development
  1. Design Scorecard
  1. Building a Process Model
  1. Predicting Process Performance With Simulation
  1. Transfer Function
  1. Monte Carlo


5 Hrs

  1. Case Study: Running The Model
  1. Case Study: Interpreting Results
  1. Case Study: Adding Capacity
  1. Case Study: Managing Inventory
  1. Case Study: Creating Flow

Included in this Course

Lesson audio, blackboard videos, formula walk-throughs, interactive exercises, and industry case studies
Select courses include a subscription to EngineRoom® Data Analysis Software or are compatible with Minitab or JMP
Course tools to track your progress, highlight the material, take notes, and bookmark lessons for review
English courses include audio narration to support multiple learning styles
Course customizations based on industry for a personalized learning experience
Lessons developed by industry leaders with 20+ years of experience delivering Lean Six Sigma training

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What's Included

  1. 30 hours of training with the flexibility to choose between reading or listening
  1. Assistance from instructors regarding content-related inquiries
  1. An in-depth walk-through of Process Playground, a process modeling tool used to develop and stress-test process designs
  1. Industry-focused options: manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and service sectors.
  1. An in-application feature for taking notes and highlighting the material
  1. Includes access to EngineRoom® Data Analysis Software for one year

Very comprehensive, covering practical key concepts and examples of various projects. I highly recommend this training.

Jon T.

Marzetti Company

The knowledge I've gained and tools I've learned how to use are already helping me in my daily job responsibilities.



An excellent course that provided all the fundamentals needed to perform Lean Six Sigma.



Accessible, engaging, and very informative!


University of South Carolina

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