Lean Training for Individuals and Teams

This graduated Lean training program allows individuals and organizations alike to match the right amount of content to their intended audience or goals. Use Lean Fundamentals to give a wide audience a broad understanding of Lean. At the same time, challenge your current Lean Practitioners to develop the skills necessary to run independent Kaizen events and stand up strong Lean management systems by earning a Lean Master Certification.

Lean training provides individuals with valuable skills and perspectives that can positively impact their work performance, problem-solving abilities, and overall approach to tasks and projects no matter the industry. MoreSteam's Lean courses are tailored with specific examples for healthcare, finance, service, or manufacturing.

Use these Lean courses as a lightweight addition to your organization's current training materials or pair them with MoreSteam's Lean training simulations. A Lean simulation helps participants realize the impact Lean concepts have on tackling a problem.

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Lean Training Curriculum

MoreSteam's Lean Training series provides a comprehensive look at Lean methodologies, including how to identify and eliminate waste, implement standardized work processes, and utilize visual management techniques. Further in the series particpants will gain skills in quality control, error-proofing, and maintaining continuous flow in operations. View a detailed outline of the course content.

Lean 1

4 Hrs

  1. Introduction to Process Thinking
  1. Sources of Value
  1. The 8 Forms of Waste
  1. 5-S
  1. Visual Management
  1. Standardized Work

Lean 2

9 Hrs

  1. Critical to Quality Characteristics (CTQC)
  1. Operational Definitions
  1. Failure Mode & Effect Analysis (FMEA)
  1. Error-Proofing
  1. Continuous Flow
  1. Core Process Pull

Lean 3

10 Hrs

  1. Cause & Effect Matrix
  1. Throughput Yield
  1. Replenishment Pull & Pull Scheduling
  1. Visual Management
  1. Total Productive Maintenance
  1. Leader Standard Work

Included in Each Course

Practice-based training with flexible time-commitment
Lesson audio, blackboard videos, formula walk-throughs, interactive exercises, and industry case studies
Course tools to track your progress, highlight the material, take notes, and bookmark lessons for review
Access to the course for 365 days, allowing you to work at your own pace
One of eight language options: English, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, and Polish
Lessons developed by industry leaders with 20+ years of experience delivering Lean Six Sigma training
Adaptive course progression to allow integration with other materials and simulations

Choosing a Lean Training Level

Choosing the right Lean training program starts with knowing your objectives and specific needs. Are you looking to spread awareness of Lean problem-solving? Are you or your organization familiar with Lean but need a firmer grounding in Lean management or Lean leadership? Do you need to deploy Lean strategies in your day to day work?

  • Lean Fundamentals covers the impact of Lean in the workplace and introduces concepts like the 8 Wastes, Process Mapping, and Standard Work.
  • Lean Practitioner adds more advanced tools to learners' Lean problem-solving skills, with concepts such as Voice of the Customer (VOC) analysis, Cause & Effect Matrix, and Pull Systems.
  • Lean Master is a certification program for Lean practitioners to develop a mastery of advanced Lean concepts and Lean leadership practices.

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Choose from online and blended programs for individuals or groups.

Lean Fundamentals

(Lean 1 + Lean 2)

The Lean Fundamentals course provides individuals and organizations with Lean principles training. This program is quick, available in several languages, and exposes participants to common Lean methods like 8 wastes, 5-S, process mapping, and spaghetti diagrams.


Lean Practitioner

(Lean 1 + Lean 2 + Lean 3)

The Lean Practitioner course extends beyond Lean Fundamentals training, offering a deeper exploration of intermediate and advanced Lean concepts like pull systems, throughput yield, TPM, and leader standard work. It is an excellent choice for those who expect to utilize Lean problem-solving techniques for specific business challenges in their organization.


Lean Master

(Certification Program)

The Lean Master Certification program is the highest level of Lean training MoreSteam offers. Designed for Lean Practitioners looking to develop the skills necessary to run independent Kaizen events, stand up strong Lean management systems, and employ process modeling as part of Lean transformation efforts. This Lean Master Certification program is a blend of online Lean training, virtual study halls, and an in-person workshop.


Level Up Your Lean Training Initiatives

MoreSteam's Enterprise Process Improvement platform is the systematic solution for organizations looking to weave Lean into their organizational fabric. Training is crucial, but building a durable Lean enterprise requires more than just training. That's why MoreSteam has developed the first enterprise software system that integrates all the technology your people need to pursue Lean perfection across your organization.

Our comprehensive approach includes training and simulations to develop critical Lean problem-solving, as well as tools to drive out process waste, manage improvement efforts like A3s and PDCA projects, track financial benefits of Lean initiatives, and elevate Lean process design through virtual process prototyping. Equip your teams with the knowledge, skills, and software support needed to turn Lean thinking into a Lean reality.

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