Kaizen Leader

Develop the skills needed to effectively plan and execute Kaizen events within your organization with MoreSteam's online Kaizen Leader course.

Learn Tools and Techniques to Successfully Plan and Execute a Kaizen Event at Your Organization

Sustainable Operational Excellence transformations begin with a well-executed Kaizen event. And the success of these events depends on a confident leader to plan, execute, and guide the others from the earliest planning stages to the close-out and followup.

This six-session Kaizen Leader course is a step-by-step guide to executing a successful five-day Kaizen event. This online course guides you through the essentials of pre-event planning, the crucial steps in the close-out and follow-up phases, and the hard and soft skills that every Kaizen leader should know and have.

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Time to Complete
22 hours
English, Chinese, Spanish, French

Kaizen Leader Curriculum

MoreSteam's Kaizen Leader course provides the necessary skills to effectively plan and execute Kaizen events within your organization and become a Kaizen leader. This course is ideal for those looking to drive continuous improvement and operational excellence in their workplace. View a detailed outline of the course content.


3 Hrs

  1. The 5 Lean Principles
  1. The 8 Forms of Waste
  1. Lean and DMAIC
  1. Baseline Performance
  1. Kaizen Measurements


5 Hrs

  1. Effective Team Development
  1. 4 Conversations Toolset
  1. Effective Change Management
  1. Project Charters
  1. Process Mapping (SIPOC)
  1. Planning & Tracking

Current State

4 Hrs

  1. Process Thinking
  1. The Source of Value & Gemba Walk
  1. Takt Time
  1. Spaghetti Charts
  1. Value Stream Mapping
  1. The Theory of Constraints

Root Cause

3 Hrs

  1. Understanding the Root Cause
  1. Cause & Effect Diagrams
  1. 5-Why, 1-How
  1. Scatter Plots
  1. Brainstorming

Implementing Change

5 Hrs

  1. Failure Mode & Effect Analysis (FMEA)
  1. Continuous Flow
  1. Quick Changeover
  1. Replenishment Pull
  1. Error-Proofing
  1. Piloting a Solution

Project Close

3 Hrs

  1. Control Plan
  1. 5-S
  1. Total Productive Maintenance
  1. Documenting Process Changes
  1. Visual Management
  1. Project Close-Out

Included in this Course

Lesson audio, blackboard videos, formula walk-throughs, interactive exercises, and industry case studies
Select courses include a subscription to EngineRoom® Data Analysis Software or are compatible with Minitab or JMP
Course tools to track your progress, highlight the material, take notes, and bookmark lessons for review
English courses include audio narration to support multiple learning styles
Course customizations based on industry for a personalized learning experience
One of four language options: English, Chinese, Spanish, and French
Lessons developed by industry leaders with 20+ years of experience delivering Lean Six Sigma training

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What's Included

  1. 22 hours of training with the flexibility to choose between reading or listening
  1. Assistance from instructors regarding content-related inquiries
  1. Downloadable sample Kaizen week schedule
  1. Industry-focused options: manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and service sectors. Customization options available for an additional cost
  1. An in-application feature for taking notes and highlighting the material
  1. Includes access to EngineRoom® Data Analysis Software for one year

I had used several of the Six Sigma principles over the years with no formal training. I should have taken this course years ago. It just really helps to understand the "big" picture of a robust quality program and gives you all of the tools to incorporate them accurately.

Craig Pugh

This Kaizen Leader training will definitely help me in my workplace as well as my personal life challenges. Thank you.

Kay Slobodnyak


I was very impressed with how in-depth this course was. The material was presented in different ways and was very well organized for an online course!

Heather Couch

KHS America

Spot-on and truly value-added combination of content (theory, examples, exercise) and delivery format (text, video, supplemental materials)!

Bas Kalfs

Bridgestone Firestone

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