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Become an expert in developing products and processes that meet Six Sigma levels of quality with our online Design for Black Belt course.

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Excellence in product design requires an organized and purposeful approach driven by empathy for customer needs and informed by data. MoreSteam's Product Design Excellence Black Belt course incorporates several design disciplines' best methods and practices, including Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Design for Lean Six Sigma, and Agile Software Development. The MoreSteam approach to product design combines advanced statistics, including designing and analyzing of experiments (DOE).

Our Product Design Excellence Black Belt course is perfect for engineers, programmers, or product designers that want to learn how to develop and design new products within their organization. In this course, you will learn how to apply the Define > Concept > Design > Optimize > Validate (DCDOV) roadmap of critical questions to guide your design activities and master all of the tools necessary to answer those critical questions.

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66 hours

Design for Six Sigma Black Belt Curriculum

MoreSteam's Design for Black Belt is a comprehensive course that teaches professionals how to apply design principles to enhance product and process outcomes using the DCDOV roadmap and EngineRoom's Process Playground. It emphasizes experimentation through physical and virtual prototyping. View a detailed outline of the course content.


4 Hrs

  1. What is Design Excellence?
  1. Improving Lifecycle Cost
  1. DCDOV - The Design Roadmap
  1. Project Tracking & Charter
  1. Introduction to EngineRoom®


6 Hrs

  1. Voice of the Customer
  1. Market Segmentation
  1. Conducting Surveys
  1. Affinity Diagrams
  1. Operational Definitions


6 Hrs

  1. The Core Principles of DFSS
  1. Brainstorming & Benchmarking
  1. The Creative Process
  1. Pugh Concept Selection
  1. Key Metrics


40 Hrs

  1. Measuring Process Variability
  1. Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  1. Failure Mode & Effect Analysis (FMEA)
  1. Error-Proofing for Process Reliability
  1. Design of Experiments (DOE)
  1. Transfer Functions


9 Hrs

  1. Building a Process Model
  1. Process Performance
  1. Process Playground
  1. Monte Carlo
  1. Continuous Flow
  1. Design for Lean


3 Hrs

  1. Process Control Plans
  1. Testing & Piloting a Design
  1. Standardized Work
  1. Achieving Reliability through Testing
  1. Project Close Out

Not Your Traditional Design for Six Sigma Course

The Design Black Belt course offers a broader scope than Design for Six Sigma. It heavily emphasizes experimentation and iterative design through physical and virtual prototyping. This design curriculum leans heavily on Process Playground, a virtual simulation tool that supports learners in “building to to think” with dynamic process models. Learners can experiment with and stress-test virtual twins of their processes in a low-cost, low-stakes environment that is, nonetheless, high-fidelity. Most importantly, this design course prioritizes thoughtfully designing processes and products that anticipate, meet, and exceed customer needs - a goal that extends well beyond achieving a specific Sigma Level.

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Included in this Course

66 hours of practice-based training
Access to materials for 365 days, allowing you to work at your own, self-guided pace
Lesson audio, blackboard videos, formula walk-throughs, interactive exercises, and industry case studies
Course tools to track your progress, highlight the material, take notes, and bookmark lessons for review
Access to Process Playground™, MoreSteam's online discrete simulation tool
Lessons developed by industry leaders with 20+ years of experience delivering Lean Six Sigma training

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What's Included

  1. 66 hours of training with the flexibility to choose between reading or listening
  1. Assistance from instructors regarding content-related inquiries
  1. An in-depth walk-through of Process Playground, a process modeling tool used to develop and stress-test process designs
  1. Industry-focused options: manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and service sectors.
  1. Customization options available for an additional cost
  1. An in-application feature for taking notes and highlighting the material
  1. Includes access to EngineRoom® Data Analysis Software for one year

An excellent vehicle for learning and applying the principles of Design for Six Sigma, process and product.

James B.

This was a really fun way to learn. The materials will be a great reference. The tools are wonderful.

Nancy T.

SMDC Health System

MoreSteam has done an outstanding job of making the "DFSS for Process" training a meaningful experience. They clearly understand how to deliver quality training because they recognize that requires both excellent material and knowledge of the delivery medium.

Chad J.

TRW Automotive

I found this course to be very up-to-date in its thinking, and it has a very high relevance of reference material.

Jim H.

Tecnotree Limited

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