Changing Languages

To change the language of a project, select the "User" button in the Settings menu at the top right of the interface. A User Settings dialog will open, where you can:

  • Choose to enable or disable the guided mode for studies
  • (For certain license types) Select the menu structure for tools (DMAIC, Standard, others)
  • Select or change the language
  • Find out the amount of time remaining on your license
Set language in user settings.

Click the Select Language dropdown to choose one of eight (8) languages for the user interface and studies:

Choose language from dropdown.

Languages currently available: | German (Deutsche) | English | Spanish (Español) | French (Français) | Portuguese (Português) | Chinese (Simplified) | Japanese | Korean


  1. Only items that are not user labeled or uploaded (for example, menu bars, new studies, and output created since the language change) are rendered in the newly chosen language. All other items, including data uploaded previously in a different language and any prior studies, will remain in the original language.
  2. Anyone with whom you have shared your project can choose their preferred language in their version of the project.

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