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Since 2001, when we launched the first-ever online Six Sigma Black Belt course, MoreSteam has been the recognized leader of process improvement e-Learning.

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No matter what level of process improvement training you seek, MoreSteam can help.

Why choose MoreSteam's online training?

» More Flexibility to Learn

In our e-Learning, you control the pace of action. You can start our courses immediately, study materials in the order you want, and explore and revisit lessons as you choose. There are no "live" class sessions to interrupt your schedule - all of the materials are delivered on-demand, when and where you want.

» More Relevance and Options

MoreSteam provides you with more language, software, and industry options for Belt training than anyone in the industry. Our Green Belt and Black Belt courses come with a free license of EngineRoom® software, and you can select among Healthcare, Service, Manufacturing and Financial Services themed versions.

» More Experience and Practice

Our courses are dedicated to engaging you with interactive exercises, quizzes, toolsets, and simulations that give you practice and prepare you to complete real projects. This is not a set of converted PowerPoint slides or passive, pre-recorded Webcasts, but a multimedia blend geared towards helping you learn.

» More Value for the Price

Drawn from over 250 hours of materials, our Belt training provides more content than comparable online courses and costs roughly 20% of instructor-led classroom training.

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