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In-Depth Look At Process Capability: Dealing with Non-Normal Data

Omar Mora - BlackBerry&Cross

Using Modeling to Teach Lean Six Sigma & DMAIC

Kevin Keller, Master Black Belt - MoreSteam Client Services

Machine Learning to Improve Lean Six Sigma Training Efficacy

Xander Hathaway and Nick LaRosa,

Process Modeling: Bring Your Process Maps to Life

Peg Pennington, President -

Anheuser-Busch InBev: Continuous Improvement Community

Lauren Pincus, Global Director, Continuous Improvement — AB InBev

Big Data, Bigger Opportunities for Operational Excellence

Roger Woodard, Program Director of M.S. in Data Science — University of Notre Dame

Practice Makes Perfect: Better Learning With Simulation

William Hathaway, MoreSteam's CEO

Applying Lean Principles to Today's Workforce

Peg Pennington, President — MoreSteam

Southwest Airlines: A Continuous Improvement Journey

Ruben Del Toro, Director Enterprise Continuous Improvement — Southwest Airlines

Continuous Improvement in the New Reality of Industry 4.0

Alexander Silantyev, Master Black Belt — PwC Advisory Belgium

Leadership & Lean Tools to Transform a City

Bethany Melitz, Chief Administrative Officer — City of Detroit

Optimizing Patient Flow in the Ambulatory Clinic Setting

Nicole S. Batulis, MHA, LSSMBB, CPHQ

Lean Management Systems: Battling Bureaucracy, Broken Processes, & Blocked Systems

Peg Pennington, President — MoreSteam

Making It Work: A Story of Improvement at CDOT

Gary Vansuch, Michelle Malloy, and Geneva Hooten

Improving Customer Flow in the Lobby

Tyler Vonderheide, Continuous Improvement Lead — Southwest Airlines

Don't Just Manage Change, Inspire Change

Chris Spranger, CEO — Spranger Business Solutions

Deploying A3 Storytelling at Mercy Health

Joe Schultz, Mercy Health

Pragmatic Problem Solving

Troy Burgess, Corporate CI Manager — TreeHouse Foods

How Much is Enough?

Dr. Lars Maaseidvaag, MoreSteam

Lean Gahanna

Jennifer Teal, City Administrator — City of Gahanna

Kano Analysis: Prioritizing Customer Needs

Doug Evans, Senior Lecturer at Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University

Working Projects to Close: Why Is It So Hard?

Lutz Tückmantel, Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Lean Advisor

Tech Tool Talk: Swap Tests

Kevin Keller, Anheuser-Busch InBev LSS Master Black Belt

Building the Infrastructure to Make Training Stick

Marti Beltz, PhD., LSSMBB, Independent Consultant

A Leader's Guide to Creating Operational Excellence

Dr. Sandy Furterer, Vice President Process Transformation — Park National Bank

Building Proficiency in Process Improvement Skills

Bill Hathaway, President — MoreSteam

Lean Concepts and the Cardinal Health Experience

Todd Thompson, Cardinal Health

Kaizen Leadership - Improving the Practice: Performance Ratio

Whitney Mantonya, Collaborative Lean Solutions, LLC

Coaching to Unlock Hidden Creativity in Your Organization

Jameson Rehm, Mount Carmel Health System

Leaning Forward in Detroit

Aimée Cowher, City of Detroit Director — Lean Process Management

From the Shop Floor to C-Suite: Operational Excellence at Jabil

Evelyn Ferrer, Lean Six Sigma Director — Automotive Division, Jabil

Intrusive Coaching: Increasing Your Belts' Capability, Confidence, and Control

Dr. Diane Reddy, Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Keith Schellenberger, Lean Six Sigma Consultant at Lenovo, and Bill Hathaway, Founder and CEO of MoreSteam

Developing a Collective Consciousness for Process Improvement

Gene Rogers, Associate Partner — SteelPointe Partners

Powering Up Your Lean Six Sigma Projects

Smita Skrivanek, Product Manager and Principal Statistician — MoreSteam

Innovation Academy: Performance Excellence at Dignity Health

Paul Feltz, Senior Director of Performance Excellence — Dignity Health

Eli Lilly: Continuously Improving Our Continuous Improvement Process

Humberto DeLuca - Eli Lilly

Winning Hearts & Minds: 20 Simple Techniques to Create Buy-In

Julie Amling — Wexner Medical Center and Nanette Richardson — Berger Health System

IBM Lean Six Sigma Training: Delivering Blended Learning across a Global Enterprise

Michael Testani, Don Sobeski, Luca Bencini — IBM

Leading High Performance Teams in a Multi-Generational Environment

Dr. D. Scott Sink — The Ohio State University

The Not-So-Fuzzy Front End: Flowing the Voice of the Customer into Functional Requirements

Tom Scripps — Scripps & Associates, PC

DOE: From Hunch to Crunch (A Tremco Case Study)

Richard Wiltse, MBB — Tremco Inc.

Make Change Communication Personal

Kirby James — LSSMBB, Business Architect

A Can't Miss Model for Coaching: Putting a Framework behind the Soft Stuff

Sheryl Vogt — Vogt Consulting and Maria Fry — Strategic Quality Solutions

To the Gemba and More: A Walk to See the Waste

Linda Dodge, St. Rita's Medical Center

Power Your Processes with Web-based Data Analysis

Smita Skrivanek, Senior Statistician — MoreSteam

Creating Pull for Continuous Improvement

Dale Gibbons, Vice President, Chief Operations Officer — Farm Credit Mid-America

High Fidelity Customized Classroom Simulation at PPG

Jesse Shearin, Director Corporate Enterprise Excellence — PPG Industries

Are We Making Progress as Leaders: How do we know?

Al Faber, President & CEO, The Partnership for Excellence

Big Opportunities, Big Challenges: Lessons Learned from Large Deployments

Whitney Mantonya, Collaborative Lean Solutions

Lean Work Cell Design: Taking the Lessons of Cellular Manufacturing into Service Organizations

Dr. Lars Maaseidvaagg, MoreSteam

Leaning Up State Government: It Can Be Done

Bill Demidovich, LeanOhio

Flipping Your Lean Six Sigma Training: Getting the Blend Right

Andrea Church, Hertz, and Bill Casey, Quest Diagnostics

Translating Customer Expectations with Quality Function Deployment

Sheryl Vogt, Vogt Consulting, Inc.

Everyday A3 Conversations: Practicing for Mastery

Dr. Eric Olsen, Cal Poly State University

Into the Trenches of Regression Analysis (Part 2)

Smita Skrivanek, MoreSteam

The Power and the Pitfalls of Multiple Regression Analysis (Part 1)

Smita Skrivanek, MoreSteam

After 150 Years of Improvement, Getting Better Faster

Carol Mullaney, University of Notre Dame

Things Your Teacher Never Told You about Test Optimization

Neal Mackertich, Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems

A3 Reports: Polishing the Elevator Speech

Tor Chamberlain, Clopay

Balance and Bottlenecks and Triggers, Oh My

Dr. Lars Maaseidvaag

Begin with the End in Mind: Creating & Sustaining Change

Kirby James, President, The K James Group

Eating the Elephant: Designing and Deploying Continual Improvement in a Multi-Site Environment

Bill D'Innocenzo, Vice President of Global IMPAQ, Fresenius Medical Care

Process Design Thinking — Simple Methods to Get It Right the First Time

William Hathaway, CEO — MoreSteam

Leading with Lean

Dr. Peter Ward, The Ohio State University

How Long is the Wait? Analyzing Flow in the Emergency Department

Michelle Johnson, Covidien

Better Process Design Using Fast Prototyping — The 3P Process for Healthcare

Anne Musitano and Michael Antochow, Akron Children's Hospital

Managing Change in Lean Six Sigma Deployments in Highly Regulated Environments

Brian Eden, Senior Director and Global Head, Operational Excellence at Mylan Pharmaceuticals

Monte Carlo Simulation: Don't Gamble Away Your Project Success

Maurice Klaus, MoreSteam

Introducing the St. Sigma Simulation


Is Your Driver Tree Stuck in Neutral?

Maurice Klaus, MoreSteam

Projects: From Idea to "Done" and Back Again

Maria Fry, MBB and owner — Strategic Quality Solutions

The Art of Distance Coaching

Peg Pennington, Executive Director of The Center for Operational Excellence at Ohio State University

Negotiating Your Way to Success

Dr. Roy Lewicki, The Ohio State University

Driving Insight Through Process Modeling

Dr. Lars Maaseidvaag, MoreSteam

Experimental Design in the Transactional Arena

Smita Skrivanek, MoreSteam

Fault Tree Analysis for Root Cause Analysis of Sporadic Events

Debra Detwiler, Bridgestone Americas

Could Your Balanced Scorecard Use Some Lean Six Sigma?

Maurice Klaus, MoreSteam

Introduction to Replenishment Pull

Dr. Lars Maaseidvaag, MoreSteam

Core Process Pull: Little's Law in Action

Dr. Lars Maaseidvaag, MoreSteam

The Transactional Dilemma: Understanding Regression with Attribute Data

Smita Skrivanek, MoreSteam

Building Discipline Around the DMAIC Methodology: Tollgate Review Best Practices

Dr. Scott Sink, The Ohio State University

Standards for Lean Six Sigma Certification: Raising the Bar across the Board

Peg Pennington, Executive Director of The Center for Operational Excellence at Ohio State University, Rachel Lane, Associate Vice President, Business Excellence at Nationwide, and Bill Hathaway, Founder and CEO of MoreSteam

Building the Business Case for Lean Six Sigma eLearning

Doug Evans, Master Black Belt and former Director of Lean Six Sigma training at Quest Diagnostics, Michelle Johnson, Executive Director Textron Six Sigma, and Bill Hathaway, CEO of MoreSteam

Chasing ZERO at Cardinal Health: We Got Game

Holly Stein, Director of Operational Excellence at Cardinal Health, and Bill Hathaway, Founder and CEO of MoreSteam