Exploring the Convergence of CI Frameworks and Agile MethodsMarch 27, 2024 3:00 PM UTC

First, your leadership told you, "We're doing Lean." Then, it was Six Sigma. Then it was, "We need a digital transformation." And maybe now it's "We're implementing an Agile framework."

So, what's next? And how are you expected to keep up with all the changes?

In today's fast-changing business landscape, there's no need to pick and choose your transformation processes. Tried and true methodologies like Lean Six Sigma, which aims to improve quality, drive out process waste, and deliver value to the customer, and Agile, a project management methodology emphasizing flexibility, customer satisfaction, and iterative progress, can co-exist.

In the recorded session below we delve into the evolving landscape of continuous improvement (CI) frameworks and Agile methodology and their pivotal role in driving digital transformation across industries. This webinar, led by Ken Robinette, aims to unravel how organizations can leverage these methodologies to stay competitive and responsive in rapidly changing markets.

In this session, we:

  • Emphasize the importance of adopting organized process improvement efforts
  • Walk through the advantages and challenges of CI roadmaps.
  • Discuss Agile methods and how they complement traditional CI frameworks
  • Identify strategies for organizations to stay close to customer needs and adapt to changing expectations effectively

In addition to the webinar, check out MoreSteam's blog, "Problem-Solving Roadmaps: Definitions, Examinations, and Common Myths Explained."

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Ken Robinette


Ken Robinette joined MoreSteam in July of 2023 as the Vice President of Business Development. He is responsible for developing, executing, and overseeing a business strategy that prioritizes growth and positive customer ratings. He has over 30 years of business experience in various markets and functional roles, including Sales, Design, Production Management, and Process Improvement. Prior to joining MoreSteam, Ken spent over 18 years in the healthcare industry, working at Cardinal Health and Scapa Healthcare. He is trained and certified in the Danaher Business System by Shingjutsu Kaizen and in Six Sigma by General Electric.

Ken has a B.S. in Aerospace Technology from Kent State and an M.B.A. in Operations Management and Quality from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

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