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Create and Edit Dashboards

To create a dashboard, begin by clicking on the "Add Dashboard" button, then type a name for your dashboard into the field labeled "Untitled Dashboard."

Add Dashboard

Next, select a course from which to find users for your dashboard. This is a necessary step, because the learning content varies from course to course, meaning each dashboard can only contain students from one course.

Next, search for users by filling in whichever fields make the most sense for you. A minimum of one field needs to be filled in for you to search for a user or users.

Search for Users

Clicking the checkbox next to any user that appears will add them to the "Selected Users" window on the right. If you wish to remove a user in this window, simply uncheck the box next to their name. When you have selected a given cohort of students, click "Create Dashboard" in the top right of the screen.

Create Dashboard

Editing or Deleting a Dashboard

To edit the users in a dashboard after it has been created, simply click the circle with three dots next to the dashboard name. This will present you with two options: Edit Dashboard, and Delete Dashboard, as seen below:

Edit or Delete Dashboard

You can also edit dashboards from the "Home" screen (accessed by clicking the house icon in the top left corner of the screen) by clicking the same icon:

Edit Dashboard 2

Clicking "Edit Dashboard" will take you back to the Search for Users step, where you can find and add additional students, or click the "X" next to selected users to remove them from the dashboard.

When you are finished editing, click the "Save Dashboard" button in the top right corner of the screen.

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