A3 Report


A3 Reports are one-page reports used for documenting the necessary information needed for progress reporting and decision-making.

A3 Reports simplify project reporting because they pull from otherwise numerous, detailed progress reports and extensive background analyses. A3s condense the information to a single page and visually communicate to the reader using graphs, charts, and succinct bullet points.

Also referred to as "one-pagers", the A3 Report got its name from Toyota Motor Company. "A3" refers to the metric paper size that the report is produced on (equivalent to a paper size of 11 inches x 17 inches).

Report Composition

A3 One-Page Reports typically include:

  • Background - A brief description of the problem, highlighting the importance to the organization and the measures used.
  • Current Situation - Visual depictions of the problem under consideration.
  • Analysis - The analysis performed to determine root cause(s).
  • Goal - A visual depiction of what the situation would need to be so that the problem did not occur.
  • Recommendations - The solution that will be (or has been) implemented.
  • Implementation Plan - Tasks, start dates, duration, responsibilities, and completion status (this is optional when the A3 Report is used as a progress tracking report).
  • Follow Up - Post-implementation tasks to ensure solution benefits are maintained.
  • Results Report - Charted progress to plan with implementation and measures (this report is also optional when the A3 Report is used as a progress tracking report).
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An A3 Report is meant to identify and communicate the critical project information and to facilitate decision-making. This report should easily fit on one page. It can be characterized as a Lean tool best suited for solving relatively short-duration Kaizen improvement activities. It may not be as useful in a DMAIC environment or for more complex projects.

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