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Course Composition
Learn how our courses implement visuals, repetition, rigor, and other elements to maximize your retention of material.
Making the Most of It
Helpful tips and strategies for getting the most out of your training material.
Printing Course Content
Step-by-step instructions on how to print course materials.
Course Search Feature
How to quickly and easily search for specific content within your course.
Using Notes & Highlighting
How to add customizable notes and highlighting to course material, as well as how to use and access your notes and highlighting.
How to Utilize the eLearning Dashboard
How to use your dashboard to track your progress through course material.
How to Access and Use the Lean Six Sigma Toolbox
How to access complementary resources for a quick refresher on essential course content.
EngineRoom Sample Projects
Learn how to access sample EngineRoom projects to experiment with and practice statistical tools.
Resetting Your Password
How to reset your password.
How to Access Course Completion Certificate
How to access your certificate of course completion.
How to Receive Support
Questions? Concerns? How to reach us quickly.