How to Access Course Completion Certificate

Note: Your certificate of completion document is exactly that - documentation that you have completed the MoreSteam course. There is a trend in the world of process improvement training towards simpler, easier course materials, and with it, half-baked certification that fails to demonstrate skill mastery. We commit to offering robust educational methods and resources, and our official certification, which is separate from our training, is widely recognized as proof of actual skill and content mastery. Click here to learn more about Green Belt certification through MoreSteam, and here to learn more about Black Belt certification.

If you have already completed your course, there are three ways to access your certificate of completion document.

From within the course:

Use the menu navigation button, click on "My Account," and then on "Courses:"

How to navigate to the certificate via the navigation menu

Inside the "courses" page, you can click on the "Complete" button next to your course to view your certificate:

Where the complete button is

Alternatively, use the course map to navigate to the lesson “Course Completion,” towards the bottom of the page. From here, you can also access your certificate.

View Certificate

Finally, if you have not yet logged into a course, your "My Account" page also lists any courses you have access to, and there will be a similar "Complete" button next to any finished course. Click on it to access your certificate of course completion document:

The complete button if you haven't logged into a course

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