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Level up your process and teach your team Lean tools and concepts

Lean Arcade is a gamified crash course in Lean concepts and tools. Each of the course's eight lessons, which cover subjects like 5-S, Standard Work, and the 8 Wastes, pair accessible introductions to foundational Lean topics with interactive practice exercises. For each activity, users receive a score that can earn them a place on a company-wide and global leaderboard.


Time to Complete

2 - 3 hours

Number of Participants

50 - 1,000+

Key Concepts Learned

Y=f(X), Lean Principles, 8 Wastes, Value-Added Flowchart, Spaghetti Diagram, 5S, Standardized Work, Cellular Processing

Let's Get Ready to Rumble

Competitive Scoring

Gompany leaderboard for Lean Arcade with top scores just within the participant's company Global leaderboard for Lean Arcade with top scores

Engage your team or organization in a little friendly competition

Introduce a friendly, competitive atmosphere where participants can see where they rank among their cohorts. A global leaderboard is also included so they can see where they rank among the elite Lean Hall of Fame.

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