MoreSteam® CPE Credit Policies

These CPE Credit Policies were last updated on November 11, 2022.

Record Retention LLC ("MoreSteam") has adopted NASBA record retention guidelines. For five years, MoreSteam will retain the following: records of participation, dates and locations of program offerings; number of continuing professional education (CPE) credits earned by participants; program descriptive materials; and results of program evaluations.

For five years, MoreSteam will also retain the following: records regarding the author(s), developer(s), reviewer names, and instructors. This category of retention shall include any records related to an individual's credentials or curriculum vitae (where applicable).

Finally, MoreSteam will retain the necessary records for auditing authors, reviewers and instructors regarding license number, status of license, and state of licensure.

Refund Policy

MoreSteam strives to assure your satisfaction with our asynchronous eLearning course (the 'Course'). To that end, MoreSteam offers the following refund policy.

  • If you have viewed ten (10%) percent or more of the Course, MoreSteam reserves the right to decline your request for a refund.
  • If your request for a refund is made more than thirty (30) days after the date of purchase, MoreSteam reserves the right to decline your request for a refund.
  • MoreSteam will not refund third-party costs, such as credit card processing fees.

Cancellation Policy

Because the Course is asynchronous in nature, there are no Course cancellations. The Course is accessed via a web browser and continuously available over the internet. Users have a full year to complete the Course after initially gaining access.

Complaint Resolution Policy

If you have a complaint, please contact MoreSteam's CPE Support at either 614‐825‐3722 (phone) or (email).

Course Update Policy

At a minimum, the Course is reviewed on an annual basis by Certified Public Accountants and/or relevant subject-matter experts. This annual review determines the need for updates to both course content and presentation. If a critical issue or change occurs between the annual reviews, Certified Public Accountants and/or relevant subject-matter experts will assess the need to update the Course material at the time of the issue or change. The Course documentation contains the most recent publication, revision, or review date.

Contact Us

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