e-Learning and Certification

Learn by doing. MoreSteam's eLearning provides an active learning experience with a variety of practice exercises, mini simulations, case studies, games, and quizzes. Practice until you're confident you've mastered the material.

For Organizations

Our online curriculum spans the entire spectrum of practitioners, from Champions to Master Black Belts. We support you with customizable courses, language and software options, automated testing, and administrative instructor tools.

Provide easy access through your Learning Management Systems (LMS) or the MoreSteam portal.

For Universities

Enhance your classroom experience with interactive eLearning courses and simulations. Students stay engaged with realistic practice and immediate feedback.

The Coach View dashboard provides instructors with a birds-eye view of the class that links to a granular student-by-student view.

For Individuals

Looking to add process improvement to your skill set?

MoreSteam offers you four levels of Belt training, specialized courses in Lean and process and product design.

Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt certification options available.


Our certification stands apart because it delivers what employers need—a balance of knowledge and experience. Our process is practitioner‐oriented, requiring you to apply your learning to generate real, bottom-line project results.

Learn more about the certification levels and MoreSteam's certification standards.

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