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Webcast: Process Design Thinking - Simple Methods to Get It Right the First Time

William Hathaway, CEO, MoreSteam.com

Lean Six Sigma has been around for a lot of years now — over twenty in fact. Total Quality Management or TQM has been around even longer. So you may have thought that everything was fixed by now. Not quite.

In spite of the ever-growing army of Green Belt and Black Belts who are busy digesting process improvement (DMAIC) projects, the rate of new process problem creation appears to exceed the rate of process problem resolution. The only way we'll ever make real progress on process quality is to upgrade our design practices so processes behave properly right from the start.

DMAIC is rework. Design your processes to work the first time.

NOTE: Our apologies - we had technical difficulties at the start of the presentation but smoothed these over after a few minutes.

In this session, the following key points will be covered:

William Hathaway, CEO, MoreSteam.com

William Hathaway is the CEO of MoreSteam.com LLC. Prior to founding MoreSteam in 2000, Bill spent 13 years in manufacturing, quality and operations management. After 10 years at Ford Motor Co., Hathaway then held executive level operations positions with Raytheon at Amana Home Appliances, and with Mansfield Plumbing Products. He is currently the CEO/President at MoreSteam.com.

Bill earned an undergraduate finance degree from the University of Notre Dame and graduate degree in business finance and operations from Northwestern University's Kellogg Graduate School of Management.