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Webcast: Kaizen Leadership - Improving the Practice: Performance Ratio

Whitney Mantonya, MBB/Principal Consultant - Collaborative Lean Solutions, LLC

Kaizen events are the rugby matches in the continuous improvement arena and demand skilled facilitation to produce the "W" in the results column. There are no timeouts and participants get more than a little dirty. Being a good team member who is skilled with Lean Six Sigma tools provides a foundation to be a Kaizen Leader, but the planning and facilitation requires the sharpening of additional skills.

Learn how to build more practice opportunities for your Kaizen Leaders before they lead a live event. This session will provide insight into the components and characteristics of a successful blended learning program and how the elements were applied in the creation of a Kaizen Leader training curriculum.

In this session, the following key points will be covered:

Whitney Mantonya, MBB/Principal Consultant - Collaborative Lean Solutions, LLC

Whitney Mantonya is the Owner and Principal Consultant for Collaborative Lean Solutions, LLC. Prior to founding Collaborative Lean Solutions LLC in 2013, Whitney served as the Vice President of Operational Excellence at Cardinal Health, where she was the deployment lead for the corporate shared services functions as well as head of the Corporate Center for Operational Excellence with responsibility for the training, governance, and communication strategies for the Cardinal Health deployment.

Whitney is a certified Black Belt and Master Black Belt with 14 years' experience coaching, mentoring, teaching, and deploying Lean Six Sigma, Whitney graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration from The Ohio State University and received a MBA from Baker College Center for Graduate Studies.