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Webcast: Flipping Your Lean Six Sigma Training: Getting the Blend Right

Andrea Church, Sr. Director, Global Organization Excellence, Hertz
Bill Casey, National Director Six Sigma Training - Quest Diagnostics

"Sage on the Stage" or "Guide on the Side"? That's the challenge question currently circulating the conference circuit. Most of us find ourselves somewhere in the middle, training Belts in a traditional classroom model but beginning to test new technologies to see their impact on learning outcomes. We now recognize that the 'factory model of education' doesn't fit - students are too different and the pace of the business world has grown too fast.

While we haven't perfected the new flipped classroom model, one thing is for sure: the traditional classroom model is underserving our adult learners, resulting in poor learning outcomes.

A study done by Research Institute of America found that 33 minutes after completion of a course, students retain only 58% of the material covered in the class. According to a Xerox study on skills training, 87% of the desired skills change is lost without follow-up coaching.

However, flipping your classroom lectures to online learning is not as easy as flipping a switch. If students are partly responsible for completing studies on their own time, training content has to become interactive and trainers must become coaches. Instruction must be student-centric, employ the smart use of technology, and provide much needed practice time. So how do the most successful training deployments achieve this goal?

Join us for a this one-hour panel discussion led by MoreSteam.com's Larry Goldman as he interviews leaders from two well established Lean Six Sigma Blended Learning deployments.

In this session, the following key points will be covered:

Andrea Church, Sr. Director, Global Organization Excellence, Hertz

Andrea Church is the Sr. Director of Global Organization Excellence and an MBB for Hertz. Hertz, the leading global car rental brand, has four $500 million-plus businesses growing revenues at double digits and lauds its culture of operational excellence as playing a key role. Andrea has helped to grow the Operational Excellence culture from its inception, moving from her Operations management role to bringing Lean Six Sigma principles and practices to field and support functions across the company.

Andrea received a B.A. in Psychology from California State University-Long Beach.

Bill Casey, National Director Six Sigma Training - Quest Diagnostics

Bill Casey is currently serving as the National Director of Lean Six Sigma Training for Quest Diagnostics. Prior to Quest, Bill served as a nuclear trained naval officer for 20 years, was a Master Black Belt with GE Transportation Systems, was president of a $45MM dollar bearings manufacturing facility and a consultant with Mickel Harry at the Six Sigma Academy.

Bill received a B.S. in Engineering Physics from the United States Naval Academy, an M.S. in Nuclear and Naval Engineering from M.I.T., and an M.B.A. from The College of William and Mary.