To the Gemba and More: A Walk to See the Waste

Recorded Webcast

Linda Dodge - St. Rita’s Medical Center

Janell Vickers - Catholic Health Partners

Gemba Walk

Before you can fix a problem, you must first see it. However, the longer you’re in the same place, the more difficult it is to see the waste around you.

Taking a “waste walk” is one way to make the waste visible again. A waste walk is more than just going to the gemba. It is a planned visit to where work is being performed to observe what’s happening and to specifically look for waste.

Linda Dodge and Janell Vickers are Lean Six Sigma Black Belts from Catholic Health Partners (CHP). They will share their experiences utilizing Waste Walks in hospital settings and physician practices to help front line staff open their eyes to find the invisible waste.

This session discusses the following:

Speaker Details

Linda Dodge

Linda Dodge began in health care 28 years ago as a Registered Respiratory Therapist. She has worked in the Respiratory Therapy Program, the ABG Lab, the EEG department, and built a Tobacco Cessation Program. She obtained her MBA from Tiffin University and was then promoted into the Operational Excellence Program as the Black Belt/Lean Facilitator. She is a Certified Lean Leader and is trained in Six Sigma. She currently serves on the Advisor Counsel for the Health Value Network and is one of the founding members of the Northwest Ohio Lean Six Sigma Collaborative. She recently completed training in the Shingo Model and looks forward to utilizing the key learning’s to further the Lean journey.

Janell Vickers

Janell Vickers has been with CHP 6 years, focused the last 3 years on improving 110 physician practices with Lean. Her previous experience includes 32 years in manufacturing at Owens Corning for in a variety of Management / IT / Process roles. Her last years at Owens Corning focused on improving Supply Chain processes with Six Sigma projects. She obtained her MBA and BS from Bowling Green State University; completed certification in Six Sigma, Lean, Project Management and as a Computing Professional. She had spent 12 years in leadership roles with Association for Systems Management (ASM) and has shared at many professional (includes student) organizations.