Free Webcast: "Balance and Bottlenecks and Triggers, Oh My!"

Lean Terminology Webcast

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Presenter: Dr. Lars Maaseidvaag, Senior Master Black Belt

Takt time analysis, Bottlenecks, Pacemaker Process - what does it all mean and how does it all fit together?

In the classic book, The Goal, Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt introduced Herbie, the boy who held up the rest of his Boy Scout troop while hiking through the woods. Placed in the middle of the line, he lagged behind the line leaders and held up the boys behind him. The troop leader addressed the situation by making Herbie the line leader to set the "pace" for the other boys.

The story became so well known that Lean practitioners refer to the "Herbies" of a process. However, is a Herbie a pacemaker, a bottleneck or both? The use of slang doesn't necessarily signify a common understanding, and many Lean terms and concepts are often used incorrectly or interchangeably. With this Webinar, we'll take the time to examine and make sense of the terminology circling around the process of Lean process balancing.

Don't get lost in the woods. Sharpen your application of process balancing principles. Join us on this free, one-hour recorded Webcast led by MoreSteam's Dr. Lars Maaseidvaag. This session answers: