Free Webcast: "Leaning Up State Government: It Can Be Done"

Recorded Webcast

Presenter: Bill Demidovich, Jr., Improvement Consultant - LeanOhio, Department of Administrative Services

Lean Ohio Kaizen

Think your operating environment is tough? Try meeting the expectations for a set of products and services used by 100% of the population across all socioeconomic groups. Try publicly reporting not only your bottom line, but your budgets. That's the everyday environment of state agencies working in the government system.

LeanOhio is helping to streamline and simplify Ohio state government work processes, cut red tape, save money, and deliver quality services in a cost-effective way. They're getting it done with the tools of Lean, Kaizen, and Six Sigma.

"Simpler • Faster • Better • Less Costly" isn't just a tag line for LeanOhio. Since January 2011, the state has saved more than $30 million. The state agencies continue to add to the list of impressive project results, including:

  • Tax appeals resolved in one-tenth the time
  • Forensic analyses processing time slashed by 83%
  • Start up costs for car dealership licensing process to save upwards of $150,000 per entity
  • Streamlined process for managing crucial records reduced steps by 82%
  • Redesigned invoice process with 47 fewer steps will move twice as fast
  • Injured worker will return to the job four (4) days sooner with redesigned process

Watch this free one-hour Webcast and learn more about the State of Ohio's continuous improvement efforts. Their journey cuts across public and private sectors.

In this session, we discuss: