Webcast: "Building the Business Case for Lean Six Sigma e-Learning"

In recent years, Lean Six Sigma deployments have shown a surge of interest and investment in new training technologies. Although online training, or e-Learning, can deliver cost savings, flexible scheduling, and standardized content, organizations still struggle with how and whether they can make the conversion from a traditional classroom model to a training model with e-Learning components.

Join Doug Evans, Master Black Belt and former Director of Lean Six Sigma training at Quest Diagnostics, Michelle Johnson, Executive Director Textron Six Sigma, and Bill Hathaway, Founder and CEO of MoreSteam.com, in this recorded Webcast discussion to learn how companies can successfully build and implement the business case for e-Learning.

This roundtable Webcast describes how e-Learning was built into two very different international Lean Six Sigma programs, the service-based environment of Quest Diagnostics and the manufacturing-based environment Textron. Bill Hathaway rounds out the discussion by addressing the technical and operational concerns that companies have as they consider and commit to e-Learning.

This session includes: