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6.26.2017 - NEWSLETTER - MoreNews about Operational Excellence

Take a break and read several short articles included in this month's newsletter: a thought-provoking article about detangling the decision-making web, an inspirational commencement speech delivered by Mark Zuckerberg, insight into Honeywell's continuous improvement approach, and more!

6.16.2017 - ENGINEROOM UPDATE - New Hypothesis Testing Wizard

EngineRoom's Hypothesis Testing Wizard streamlines the basic steps to help you setup and run tests with confidence, whether it's your first hypothesis test or you're a frequent user. This updated feature is automatically available to EngineRoom users. Nothing to download. No versions to manage.

5.18.2017 - NEWSLETTER - MoreNews about Operational Excellence

Visualize data with the Datasaurus Dozen datasets, Do gemba walks that actually improve the business, Watch Jason Headley's short video, "It's Not About the Nail"

4.21.2017 - NEWSLETTER - MoreNews about Operational Excellence

Read the Harvard Business Review article on data strategy; check out Steve Ballmer's new website that is an impressive visual display of government data; download free resources related to Improvement/Coaching Kata free resources.

3.23.2017 - NEWSLETTER - MoreNews about Operational Excellence

Included in this issue: Bill Hathaway's Blog "Leadership on the Sidewalk", how Intelligent Process Automation is helping service companies, tips for hospital supply chain leaders, and information about the Academy for Excellence in Healthcare

3.21.2017 - WEBCAST - How Much is Enough -- Managing Safety Stock for Hospital Supplies

Join Dr. Lars Maaseidvaag, MoreSteam's Vice President of Product Development, at 11:00 AM Eastern on Thursday, March 30th for his discussion about designing a Lean replenishment pull system and two-bin system of inventory. The concepts discussed apply to a hospital, office, or shop floor environment where materials are typically managed across many points-of-use served by a centralized supply distribution center. 60 minutes.