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5.24.2018 - NEWSLETTER - MoreNews about Operational Excellence

Helping People Change by Listening and Asking Questions, Displaying Data to Inform Decisions, Speed Challenge: Drawing Spiderman, and EY Announces "Day One Ready"

4.26.2018 - NEWSLETTER - MoreNews about Operational Excellence

"Big Data is a Sham", Shingo Prize Awarded to AbbVie Ballytivnan, "Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift", Fastcast Shows What's New in TRACtion

4.16.2018 - WEBCAST - "Deploying A3 Storytelling at Mercy Health" - May 9th @ 11 AM Eastern

Presenter: Joe Schultz, Regional Director PMO, Mercy Health

Join Joe to learn how Mercy combined problem-solving elements from the healthcare industry (SBAR: Situation Background Assessment Recommendation, PDSA, and poster presentation style) into a unique A3 format.

3.26.2018 - NEWSLETTER - MoreNews about Operational Excellence

"The Tyranny of Tools" white paper, PMI's 2018 Pulse of the Profession, Putting People First in Digital Transformations, Your Career Journey, New Take-2s Added to eLearning

2.21.2018 - NEWSLETTER - MoreNews about Operational Excellence

Read Bill Hathaway's latest blog, "A3 Thinking and Non-Thinking." Other items include: McKinsey Change Management Survey Results, Budweiser's Emergency Water Program, New TRACtion Website, and MoreSteam Discount to COE Summit.

2.16.2018 - TRACtion Update - New Enterprise Process Improvement Website Launched

Check out the latest TRACtion developments on its new, dedicated website. Click-thru the pages to see the powerful reporting engine with its customizable dashboard. Also, learn how you can integrate your EngineRoom studies directly into TRACtion. Plan, learn, coach, do, and report ... all in one place.