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12.3.2018 - WEBCAST - A Story of Improvement at Colorado Dept. of Transportation

Join Gary Vansuch, Director of the Office of Process Improvement; Michelle Malloy, Senior Program Manager; and Geneva Hooten, Innovation and Improvement Lead, on Wednesday, December 12th at 1 PM Eastern. They'll be discussing CDOT's initiatives, such as Lean Everyday Ideas, that earned them a Top 25 Innovation Award from Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government.

11.20.2018 - Updated Training Simulation - InBox in Action

Have you seen the revamped InBox Lean Office Simulation yet? Check out the new short InBox video. The recent update provided a number of enhancements and increased flexibility. Facilitators can now run the sim for smaller groups (as few as 7 participants) by automating several positions. You'll also notice expanded reporting, enhanced data collection that enables discussions for huddle boards, and Leader Standard Work.

11.9.2018 - TRACtion Update - New Concierge Feature

TRACtion's new Concierge feature acts as your personal assistant to help you smoothly advance your project work. Concierge explains the functions available within your role and then guides you through a tour from project setup to approval. It provides helpful tips and highlights to help you work efficiently and effectively. See it the first time you enter and then call it up when you need a refresher.

10.25.2018 - NEWSLETTER - MoreNews about Operational Excellence

New white paper on Thought Process Mapping, Roche CHRO Cris Wilbur talks about their agile organization, Takeaways and red flags for building a healthy data culture, and IndustryWeek's Best Plants finalists

9.28.2018 - NEWSLETTER - MoreNews about Operational Excellence

Stop Wasting Money on Team Building, Data Visualizations about Money, Watch SWA's "Improving Customer Flow in the Lobby" webcast, "Curve-fitting Methods and the Messages They Send" by xkcd

8.31.2018 - TRACtion Update - Integrated A3 Report

TRACtion's storyboard feature now includes additional options for one-page reports. Visualize your problem-solving approach with one of the new dynamic A3 templates or start from scratch and create your own format. The A3 helps to eliminate the wasteful re-entering of information - just drag & drop elements you've already created in EngineRoom and TRACtion. Less time. Less work. Big impact.