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5.28.2021 - PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - Master Series: Mapping Your Workflows

This new Summer Master Series will focus on the tools used to map workflows and process performance. Live sessions will review core process maps like SIPOC, Value Stream Maps, Value-added Flow Charts, and Spaghetti Diagrams as you complete an "out of this world" case study. Package includes two live sessions, a short online course, and EngineRoom software. $150 includes all materials.

5.20.2021 - MORESTEAM EVENT - Register for SimCamp for Trainers (FREE Program)

Join us at SimCamp to see how simulations can kickstart your training curriculum. We'll cover how the simulations can be used to help drive a problem-solving culture in your organization from project team training to executive onboarding. Then, you'll get a 360-view as you try on the role of a participant. Our expert facilitators will share their insights and you'll leave with plenty of ideas to take back to your organization.

5.18.2021 - PARTNER PROGRAM - Executive Certificate in Data Science

Continue your professional development with the Executive Certificate in Data Science. This 7-week virtual program is offered in partnership with the University of Notre Dame. You will be introduced to the basic methods of machine learning and big data, as applied to process improvement challenges. Registration includes online coursework, 14 instructor-led virtual sessions, and a subscription to EngineRoom.

5.3.2021 - PARTNER PROGRAM - Upskilling Lean Six Sigma Capabilities Webcast

Join Kathy Miller, MoreSteam Vice President of Business Development, and a panel hosted by PwC to learn how the blended learning approach is being used successfully to train and certify people in Lean Six Sigma. You will get acquainted with the MoreSteam platform and hear our panel share their experiences with the blended learning approach by focusing on how it adds value to day-to-day operations. June 22.

4.15.2021 - TRACtion UPDATE - New Feature Released - Project Report Wizard

Reporting on your projects shouldn't be work, but we know it can be. TRACtion's new report builder helps you to create impactful custom reports to share project metrics across the enterprise. The Wizard guides you through selecting and organizing the most meaningful report components for your stakeholders. Focus on project work, not reporting work.

4.6.2021 - ENGINEROOM UPDATE - Charting Feature Enhanced

A compelling visual display of your data is key to your audience understanding the ‘so what’ of your analysis. Our EngineRoom team recently upgraded the charting function to provide high resolution output to help you tell your story. Your charts will look crisper and you can use your own logo color codes to truly personalize the look.