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1.12.2018 - WEBCAST - "Pragmatic Problem Solving" - Wed., February 7th @ 1 PM Eastern

Presenter: Troy Burgess, Corporate CI Manager - TreeHouse Foods

Join Troy to learn about a four-level pyramid approach to problem solving. Suggested tools are aligned with each level to provide a consistent problem-solving platform that can be used across your organization at all levels and all locations.

12.21.2017 - eLearning Update - We've Added a Personal Dashboard to Your Course

View details about your course progress and see an estimated date of completion based on your current pace. You can also connect to your notes, practice questions, quiz results, and side link views. The Dashboard is available from any page within your online course. Watch a short video tour of this new feature.

12.20.2017 - NEWSLETTER - MoreNews about Operational Excellence

Assess your organization's year against "10 Characteristics of Companies that Succeed"; read a Harvard Business School professor's appeal to CEOs about transitioning workforce skills; view the slide presentation from the December Lean Six Sigma Solutions breakfast meeting, "Using Lean to Reshape Healthcare Processes and Facilities."

12.15.2017 - EngineRoom Update - At-a-Glance View Available on Your EngineRoom Landing Page

Our EngineRoom development team is constantly working to improve your user experience. Their latest new feature is a totally redesigned landing page that provides a master view of your project work. It's a more visual way to display your project list and provides quicker, more visible access to your studies. There is also a new section for announcements, reminders, and helpful information. If you're not a current EngineRoom user, sign up for a free 30-day trial!

12.4.2017 - TRACtion Update - Lean Up Your Project Workflow

Users of both TRACtion & EngineRoom can now link all their EngineRoom studies directly to a specific TRACtion project. This provides you with a seamless project execution platform for all types of process improvement projects! No more uploading individual files or worrying about 'version control' -- your latest work will be available in TRACtion. Take a look at how it can save you time, keep you on track, and improve your reporting integrity.

11.16.2017 - NEWSLETTER - MoreNews about Operational Excellence

Take a couple minutes to read "Coaching Apprentice Process Improvement Leaders" to find out which skills/tools that our clients say are most important. You'll also find articles about redirecting focus to collaborative thinking, rather than tools; a link to UNdata which offers datasets for practice or training; and some thoughts about the role that big data analytics and AI will play in Lean manufacturing.