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10.26.2021 - MORESTEAM EVENT - 2021 Best Practices for Operational Excellence

The "new normal" is ours to define. Is your organization designing it or adapting in it? Join us for our 19th annual Best Practices for Operational Excellence Conference. The 2021 agenda is structured as a flexible series of four sessions to fit your busy schedule. As always, the focus is on practical knowledge you can take back to improve your program, your workplace, and your organization. No registration fees. No travel required. No all-day sessions.

10.22.2021 - BETTER WAYS TO WORK - New Perspectives on the Seven Basic Tools of Quality

Much has changed in the 70 years that Kaoru Ishikawa was quoted as saying, “As much as 95% of quality related problems in the factory can be solved with seven fundamental quantitative tools.” It’s worth examining whether Ishikawa’s belief has held true in modern application. Are these the right tools? Is anything missing? And if so, what is a good model going forward?

10.20.2021 - BLOG - A Holistic Approach to Six Sigma Certification

One powerful tool to sustain your continuous improvement culture and to maintain alignment with organizational priorities can be found in your recertification requirements – but this is a delicate dance. Leading companies find it best to balance project-specific recertification requirements with active involvement in the organization’s coaching, mentoring, and problem-solving initiatives.

9.15.2021 - BLOG - Finding a Cure for “One-and-Done Syndrome”

One of the hardest parts of developing a continuous improvement culture comes immediately after the celebratory toast with a project team: making sure the win just clinched is one of more to come, not just a "one-hit wonder." The objective of continuous improvement is a consistent and sustained culture of problem solving — a wall of platinum records produced over many years, not just a lone Top-10 single.

8.20.2021 - MASTER SERIES - Process Modeling Tools to Reveal & Resolve

Join Lars Maaseidvaag, Vice President of Product Development and Lead Master Black Belt instructor, to learn how building virtual prototypes can help to stress test your process. Reveal problems before your customers find them. This package includes an online course, process modeling software, and live broadcasts. Live sessions will be held on September 23 & 30. $150 covers all materials.

8.18.2021 - INTERVIEW - Costa Rica: A Hot Spot for Operational Excellence

Though forged in the transformative practices of Japanese automakers, the principles of continuous improvement aren't unique to a specific culture. In a 15-year stretch from 2004 to 2019, Costa Rica's GDP has more than tripled from $18.6 billion to $64 billion. The remarkable transformation of the country's economy has sparked a surge of interest in continuous improvement.