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8.1.2018 - EngineRoom Update - Guided Mode for Analytical Studies

EngineRoom just got smarter! Guided mode is now available for charts, graphs, and statistical tools. Now, even if you haven't used a particular tool for a long time, you can proceed efficiently and confidently. We'll lead you through step-by-step from entering the right data to making sure you've considered the available options.

7.30.2018 - PRESS RELEASE - Peg Pennington Joins MoreSteam Executive Team

CEO Bill Hathaway recently announced the appointment of Peg Pennington to assume the role of MoreSteam’s President, effective immediately. For the past decade, Pennington has served as the Executive Director of the Center for Operational Excellence at Ohio State's Fisher College of Business. She will now be leading all of MoreSteam's company operations.

7.18.2018 - NEWSLETTER - MoreNews about Operational Excellence

Process Performance is the Best Politics, Jabil Awarded IISE Recognition, "Inspire Change" Webcast, Recent Enhancements to TRACtion and EngineRoom

7.17.2018 - OUR CEO'S BLOG - Fertilizing the Grass Roots

Here's how an Uber driver provided an unexpected testimonial to process excellence in the State of Arizona

Process improvement is hard work and when you come across an example of a front-line employee talking about how it's instituted in their organization's culture, it deserves to be shared.

7.11.2018 - WEBCAST - "Don't Just Manage Change, Inspire Change" - July 26th @ 11 AM Eastern

Presenter: Chris Spranger - CEO, Spranger Business Solutions

Chris will demonstrate a process for assessing which elements of effective change are missing in most process improvement projects. These concepts can be applied to individual projects as well as a full deployment.

6.22.2018 - TRACtion UPDATE - Everything in One Place

Provide the most commonly used company references right when and where teams are doing their project work. Now, team members can access company-specific templates, checklists, and guides that you provide. Resources can be made available for an entire roadmap, a single phase, or even a specific question.