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5.11.2022 - Blog - The Great Retirement by Lars Maaseidvaag

PhD and Master Black Belt Lars Maaseidvaag breaks down the Great Resignation and explains why Lean may be the solution to this ongoing problem.

4.20.2022 - NEW RESOURCE - Green Lean Six Sigma

Lean methods reduce waste, smooth out flows, and utilize resources efficiently. Those objectives make it a natural fit with sustainability initiatives. Both people and the environment benefit when we look at the world through a universal process improvement lens. Take a look at how organizations are making important things work better and improving the health of our planet.

3.15.2022 - BLOG - Finding the Belt That Fits

In order to create a culture of organizational excellence, it's important to align the training with the specific roles that are needed to complete various process improvement projects. Every level offers valuable insight, and deciding on which level to train employees should depend on the complexity of the problem that they need to solve. The more complex the problem, the more sophisticated the tools necessary to solve it.

2.22.2022 - WEBINAR - Efficient, Effective, and Engaging Communication

You’ve done the analytic work, evaluated the data, and/or designed a solution that makes things better: now you have to bring others on board—and that means talking to other people about it. From reporting findings to creating a compelling case for change in practice or culture, this webinar is about telling better, more compelling stories with data. March 23rd at 11 AM Eastern. 60 min.

2.15.2022 - BLOG - Habitual Process Improvement

So much effort is put into process improvement training to build critical thinking and project skills, but all too often there is little energy devoted to building the structures and systems necessary to ensure that those skills are applied as intended. Read Bill Hathaway’s blog to better understand the psychology behind routines and how to design the management system to yield the behaviors we want.

1.18.2022 - BLOG - Testing, Tinkering, and Virtual Prototyping

“Let’s figure this out, and fast.” This has become a pandemic-era reality for most of us as process improvement professionals. A recent article, “Unlearning What Toyota Taught Us” highlights how automotive innovators like Tesla are “ripping Toyota’s game plan to shreds” by breaking tradition with old product development practices to slice years off the process. Read about the approaches they’re using.