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9.16.2022 - BLOG - Practice What You Teach: Applying Lean to Six Sigma Training

Lean methodology encourages you to only utilize tools that are absolutely necessary to solve a problem. However, it seems like many practitioners have forgotten that concept when blending Lean and Six Sigma together.

8.17.2022 - BLOG - What Would You Do for 15 More Points of IQ?

With fewer employees and resources in the workplace, current hires are forced to multitask, something our brains are not wired to do. But what is the benefit of several mediocre results instead of one outstanding result?

8.4.2022 - PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - Master Series: Supply Chain Disruption: Modeling For Resiliency

Earn a certificate in Supply Chain Modeling when you attend a curated Master class that will explore common supply chain problems and how to address them within a Lean system.

7.22.2022 - BLOG - Global Supply Chain Disruptions - The Revenge of Variation

Understanding why the global supply chain is experiencing so much turmoil is critical to structuring your business' response.

6.2.2022 - BLOG - The DMAIC Control Phase: Why the Most Critical Phase is Often the Most Overlooked

The control phase in a DMAIC project is arguably the most important, yet it is often the most overlooked. This is because the control phase often relies on human behavior to change in order to be effective.

5.11.2022 - BLOG - The Great Retirement by Lars Maaseidvaag

PhD and Master Black Belt Lars Maaseidvaag breaks down the Great Resignation and explains why Lean may be the solution to this ongoing problem.