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3.16.2021 - BETTER WAYS TO WORK - Master Black Belt Uses Data to Help YMCA Stay Strong

It was a huge cultural shift for us to go from saying "I feel" to instead saying "the data tells me." The YMCA of Greater Cincinnati is applying Lean Six Sigma thinking to overcome membership and workforce challenges. Keri Brewer, former Master Black Belt with Bridgestone, is leading the way and MoreSteam's project management software, TRACtion, is providing the platform for the organization’s work.

2.24.2021 - INTERVIEW - Exploring the Evolution of Continuous Improvement

How does continuous improvement differ in the U.S. compared to Europe? What elements have been overlooked when teaching the material? Arnd Huchzermeier, Chaired Professor of Production Management at the WHU — Otto Beisheim School of Management in Germany and Co-Founder of the INSEAD-WHU Industrial Excellence Award shares his thoughts and experiences about developing skilled CI practitioners.

2.10.2021 - BLOG - Teaching the Next Generation of Lean Six Sigma Problem-Solvers

"When I talk to companies, what they want most are employees who can think critically and solve problems," said Alan Goodman, Instructional Chair for the Quality Engineering and Technology program at the Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC). "Being able to come in and do the job you're asked to do is great, but if you're able to see the big picture and be a problem-solver, that's how you really add value."

1.11.2021 - OSU-MoreSteam Master Black Belt Certification - 2021 Schedule Offers Virtual Classes

Our 2021 MBB training schedule will offer virtual sessions during the first half of the year. Visit the program page to learn more about this program offered in partnership with Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University. The training segment combines live classes with online coursework. Certification requires successful performance on two exams and a project portfolio review of the candidate’s body of work.

1.4.2021 - LEAN 1-2-3 - Virtual Lean Simulation Pairs with Online Lean Training

This past year, we've helped a lot of clients figure out how to provide realistic practice within their Lean training programs when you're not bringing students together in a classroom. MoreSteam offers a solution to flex Lean training to suit individual needs and still unite everyone on common ground. Learn how this blended model of online and experiential learning can support your Lean culture!

12.17.2020 - TRACtion UPDATE - New Idea Scoring Feature in TRACtion

When you can't work on everything at once, let TRACtion help you sort out the noise and focus on the most important work in your CI journey. The new idea scoring wizard helps connect strategies with execution by converting good ideas to specific project work. Build your pipeline of project ideas across your organization, evaluate the ideas based on your own customized criteria, and then choose the best-fit projects.