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8.10.2020 - Virtual Event - Best Practices for Operational Excellence Conference

Be our guest at MoreSteam’s 18th Fall Best Practices for Operational Excellence Conference. This year, we’re hosting a travel-free, budget-free event. The 2020 schedule includes a sensational lineup of 3 Leadership Panels + New Solutions Showcase + Deeper Dive Workshops. As always, the focus is on practical knowledge you can take back to improve your program. Join us and create your own agenda!

7.16.2020 - BLOG - Virtual Camp Teaches Students Lean Basics

Learn how Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) repurposed several practice exercises from MoreSteam's Yellow Belt course to provide middle and high school students some hands-on experience with quality tools. MoreSteam’s virtual mini sims were a perfect fit for the virtual camp that highlighted snippets of cyber security, electronic technology and quality engineering careers.

7.9.2020 - REGISTER TODAY - Master Series: Changing the Blame Game with Root Cause Analysis

Join Master Instructor and MoreSteam President, Peg Pennington, for this new Master Series certificate program. This class helps leaders institute Root Cause Analysis as a way of thinking to support a Lean problem-solving culture. Package includes online Fundamentals of Root Cause Analysis course, EngineRoom software, and two broadcast sessions led by Peg. $150 fee covers all materials.

6.17.2020 - ARTICLE - Blended Learning Keeps Classroom Productive

At many of the country's top universities, instructors have been using eLearning courses and online simulations for years, helping them smoothly transition to a fully virtual classroom during the COVID-19 pandemic. We recently spoke with a few college instructors and asked what they like best about the blended learning model, and why they think it benefits everyone involved.

6.10.2020 - WEBCAST - Anheuser-Busch InBev: Continuous Improvement Community

AB InBev’s continuous improvement strategy has evolved, in the past two years, to provide belts with formal program training and support. The focus has been placed on fewer, more impactful projects and to develop a community, leveraging AB InBev's 3,000 employees who are trained in higher level lean six sigma methods to engage their analytical skills and provide value to the business.

5.27.2020 - BLOG - Creating a Virtual Gemba for Practice

Although we never planned to offer our InBox training simulation virtually, a client recently asked us to run the simulation with their remote participants and it was a huge success. We ended up running it for 39 people, rather than the standard 15-person classroom runs and the online setting actually INCREASED participation! Here are a few things we learned.