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9.15.2021 - BLOG - Finding a Cure for “One-and-Done Syndrome”

One of the hardest parts of developing a continuous improvement culture comes immediately after the celebratory toast with a project team: making sure the win just clinched is one of more to come, not just a "one-hit wonder." The objective of continuous improvement is a consistent and sustained culture of problem solving — a wall of platinum records produced over many years, not just a lone Top-10 single.

8.20.2021 - MASTER SERIES - Process Modeling Tools to Reveal & Resolve

Join Lars Maaseidvaag, Vice President of Product Development and Lead Master Black Belt instructor, to learn how building virtual prototypes can help to stress test your process. Reveal problems before your customers find them. This package includes an online course, process modeling software, and live broadcasts. Live sessions will be held on September 23 & 30. $150 covers all materials.

8.18.2021 - INTERVIEW - Costa Rica: A Hot Spot for Operational Excellence

Though forged in the transformative practices of Japanese automakers, the principles of continuous improvement aren't unique to a specific culture. In a 15-year stretch from 2004 to 2019, Costa Rica's GDP has more than tripled from $18.6 billion to $64 billion. The remarkable transformation of the country's economy has sparked a surge of interest in continuous improvement.

8.3.2021 - BLOG - Lean Six Sigma Nutrition

We've seen Lean Six Sigma "green belt" or even "black belt" courses a few days in length, with a long list of topics in the curriculum, but little time spent on any of the subjects, and no practice. It would be like selling food that is "fortified" with 100 vitamins, but with only a trace amount of each. Without a nutrition label, it's difficult to know about the real ingredients.

7.19.2021 - BLOG - Return to the Work-place

As companies begin to negotiate their paths back to pre-pandemic operations, I've been hearing the term "return to work" a lot. The problem with that term: we never left work. We just brought work home, all of us while looking for flickers of normalcy in a stretch of history that has been anything but normal. Like many other companies, MoreSteam is mapping out what office life will be as we emerge from the pandemic.

7.7.2021 - PARTNER PROGRAM - Executive Certificate in Data Science

Continue your professional development with the Executive Certificate in Data Science. This 7-week virtual program is offered in partnership with the University of Notre Dame. You will be introduced to the basic methods of machine learning and big data, as applied to process improvement challenges. Registration includes online coursework, 14 instructor-led virtual sessions, and a subscription to EngineRoom.