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10.22.2020 - BETTER WAYS TO WORK - Creating the Path for a Lean IT Transformation

Michael Orzen and Thomas Paider worked together to co-author the 2015 book "The Lean IT Field Guide: A Roadmap for Your Transformation." Now, they've partnered with MoreSteam to create an online course aimed at helping IT professionals across all industries. We asked Orzen and Paider to share a few insights about their history together, including the story behind the new course and who can benefit from it.

10.21.2020 - PARTNER PROGRAM - Pennington Welcomes Indiana University as New MoreSteam Partner

The Kelley School of Business at Indiana University is partnering with MoreSteam to offer a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification program. Students will complete MoreSteam’s online Green Belt modules and attend live virtual coaching and review sessions led by IU faculty. The training portion of the program concludes with a capstone simulation: MoreSteam’s Sherlock Holmes Zombie Hunter. The first session opens in early November.

10.19.2020 - NEW COURSE - Lean IT Essentials for Leaders & Teams

This course is designed to help organizations become the next success story in applying the principles of Lean IT. The road starts by understanding how Lean IT fits in the world of IT process improvement and project management methodologies, including Agile and DevOps. Learn how Lean principles can transform all aspects of IT, including application development, deployment, security, networks, and infrastructure.

9.29.2020 - BLOG - Finding Innovation During a Pandemic

A colleague recently mentioned that his organization has experienced an innovation bump during the pandemic. During this year of constant change, ideas that had previously been discarded were, out of necessity, now being embraced. The upside of these experiments is that many of them turned out to be valuable changes for the organization. His question to me was: "How do I keep this going?"

9.28.2020 - PARTNER EVENT - Online LIVE with Central Coast Lean: InBox Simulation

Learn to apply the lean approach to project-based problem solving with your team in this virtual workshop. Teams practice the Plan-Do-Check-Act process and apply Lean and Six Sigma tools while playing MoreSteam’s InBox Lean Office simulation. Each team builds a project storyboard and is evaluated on the impact of their improvements on the system. Nov. 12-13. $199-$299 per participant.

8.18.2020 - BLOG - Why Students Prefer the Blended Learning Model

The accessibility is really nice. The online curriculum made the class more fun. A lot of creative elements are included. Hybrid learning models that blend online coursework with live instruction have been gaining in popularity, especially with the need to socially distance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Much has been published about the instructional benefits, but what do the students think?