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5.11.2020 - TRAINING - "Master Series: Everyday Uses of Process Modeling"

Earn a certificate in this new professional development program led by Dr. Lars Maaseidvaag. Online course, live group sessions, case study, and EngineRoom software included. Turn design thinking into design doing without the fear of failure. Live kickoff will be broadcast on May 14th. This series is geared towards anyone who would like to learn process modeling techniques. We hope you’ll join us!

4.16.2020 - eLEARNING UPDATE - Gauge R&R Toolset Updated

When measurement matters, measure the measurement system. Our Gauge R&R toolset recently got a makeover including: (1) new “Take 2” blackboard videos to summarize key concepts; (2) new Deeper Dive to explain the importance of a good gauge; (3) new animated example; and, (4) updated audio and software tutorials. See other recent updates on our What’s New page!

4.15.2020 - BLOG - Developing Solutions & Team Camaraderie at the Same Time

Taking the time to hone a team's creative problem-solving skills during "normal" business cycles better equips team members to adapt and excel when they have to navigate uncharted waters. Hackathons are used by many companies and universities to give developers a chance to think outside the box and explore new technologies. They also are a great team building event and can be held in-person or virtually.

4.2.2020 - BLOG - Engaged Workforce Leads to Reduced Wait Times, Happier Customers

By placing an emphasis on Lean principles like Gemba Walks and Kaizen suggestions, the Arizona Department of Transportation has radically changed the way its employees operate. With new standardized procedures in place at Motor Vehicle Division offices across the state, they’re seeing noticeable improvements in several key metrics, leading to a better overall customer experience.

4.1.2020 - A SMILE FOR APRIL 1st - Beyond Dark Mode: The Next Wave of Screen-Display Options

Our friends at the International Six Sigma Institute & Secret Society for Imperious Professionals of Process Improvement (ISSISSIPPI) released a new collection of screen-display options for online courses and process improvement software. “Dark Mode is so yesterday,” ISSISSIPPI President Zoltan Minksy says, “Our enhanced Modern Modes are here for today.” Take a peek at the new collection.

3.24.2020 - EngineRoom UPDATE - Messy Sketch to Polished Deliverable

On the heels of releasing Process Playground, we also improved functionality for our Value Stream Mapping and Process Flow Chart tools. See the big picture on the newly expanded work area. Add pizzazz with additional formatting options. Save time with pre-formatted objects to create data blocks. Learn more about these updates as well as other recently released features!