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12.17.2020 - TRACtion UPDATE - New Idea Scoring Feature in TRACtion

When you can't work on everything at once, let TRACtion help you sort out the noise and focus on the most important work in your CI journey. The new idea scoring wizard helps connect strategies with execution by converting good ideas to specific project work. Build your pipeline of project ideas across your organization, evaluate the ideas based on your own customized criteria, and then choose the best-fit projects.

12.10.2020 - ENGINEROOM UPDATE - Instructor Slides to Teach EngineRoom Tools

Introduce your students to all the process improvement tools with a step-by-step tour of how to use each tool in EngineRoom. No need to prepare extra class materials – slide sets are available for commonly used Lean and DMAIC tools. If students have questions when they're practicing or later doing project work, they can access the in-product User Support that includes video tutorials and the same step-by-step instructions.

12.1.2020 - OSU-MoreSteam Master Black Belt Certification - 2021 Schedule Offers Virtual Classes

Our 2021 MBB training schedule will offer virtual sessions during the first half of the year. Visit the program page to learn more about this program offered in partnership with Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University. The training segment combines live classes with online coursework. Certification requires successful performance on two exams and a project portfolio review of the candidate’s body of work.

11.30.2020 - BETTER WAYS TO WORK - Meet EngineRoom & Its Product Manager

So much focus on Big Data. Solving problems close to where the work is done is how organizations get better every day. Little data still matters, but you need the analytical tools to mine it. Learn why some of the biggest companies in the world – including Google, Uber, and Southwest Airlines – use EngineRoom to analyze data and manage projects.

11.23.2020 - PROFILE INTERVIEW - Rapper Highlights the Fun Side of Lean Six Sigma

By day, Emmanuel Aouad is a process optimization program manager with a passion for Lean Six Sigma and organizational efficiency. By night, he's an up-and-coming rapper and nerdcore artist who goes by the name Creative Mind Frame, writing and performing original songs about anything and everything that interests him. And that's how a rap song about the DMAIC process — called "Take it Back to Define" — was born.

11.12.2020 - MASTER SERIES - Applying Design Thinking to Blended Learning

Join MoreSteam CEO, Bill Hathaway, to discuss how to redesign your training model to fit 2021 and beyond by applying the tools of process improvement to its actual training design. Live sessions will step through a case study to show how the DCDOV roadmap and VOC tools are used to deliver better training outcomes and, ultimately, project results. Package includes Customer-driven Process Design course and EngineRoom software. $150