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9.28.2018 - NEWSLETTER - MoreNews about Operational Excellence

Stop Wasting Money on Team Building, Data Visualizations about Money, Watch SWA's "Improving Customer Flow in the Lobby" webcast, "Curve-fitting Methods and the Messages They Send" by xkcd

8.31.2018 - TRACtion Update - Integrated A3 Report

TRACtion's storyboard feature now includes additional options for one-page reports. Visualize your problem-solving approach with one of the new dynamic A3 templates or start from scratch and create your own format. The A3 helps to eliminate the wasteful re-entering of information - just drag & drop elements you've already created in EngineRoom and TRACtion. Less time. Less work. Big impact.

8.29.2018 - NEWSLETTER - MoreNews about Operational Excellence

Lean Culture in the Airline Industry, "Improving Customer Flow in the Lobby" Webcast, Pennington Named MoreSteam President, EngineRoom's Guided Mode

8.28.2018 - WEBCAST - "Improving Customer Flow in the Lobby" - September 25th @ 1 PM ET

Join Tyler Vonderheide to learn about Continuous Improvement at Southwest Airlines and a recent project that he led at Chicago's Midway Airport. Projects such as this exemplify the work that SWA is doing to maintain their #1 ranking in customer satisfaction among low-cost carriers. Learn how SWA maintains that delicate balance between low cost and high customer care.

8.27.2018 - EngineRoom Update - Error-proofing Your Data

EngineRoom helps you get it right the first time. When you upload your data, empty data cells will be highlighted in red. You can also have EngineRoom check for numeric outlier values and inconsistencies in data type (numeric, text, or date). Identify potential issues early and proceed with confidence.

8.1.2018 - EngineRoom Update - Guided Mode for Analytical Studies

EngineRoom just got smarter! Guided mode is now available for charts, graphs, and statistical tools. Now, even if you haven't used a particular tool for a long time, you can proceed efficiently and confidently. We'll lead you through step-by-step from entering the right data to making sure you've considered the available options.