A Clear View of Design for Six Sigma

DFSS Opportunities Surround Us

June 17, 2010

DFSS is sometimes regarded as being too complicated, and certainly more complex than DMAIC. I think the converse is generally true. DFSS principles are often more intuitive than DMAIC.

Recently, I went to one of the mass‐market optical stores to buy a pair of reading glasses. As you may know, reading glasses come at various standard "power" levels, such as +1.0, or +2.5, with the strength of magnification increasing along with the number. Looking at the rack of glasses, I was confronted by the situation depicted below:

The power rating was printed in small white text with poor resolution against a light green background. When I held the glasses far enough away to try and read the text, the text was to small and faint to read. I was amused that I was unable to buy reading glasses unless I already had reading glasses.

Let's assume for a moment that the reason someone buys glasses is because they CAN'T READ. Armed with this insightful VOC, I might propose a simple modification to the label system that I experienced — something more like this:

Sometimes good design is just a matter of attention to customers' requirements and some common sense.