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Webcast: Lean Concepts and the Cardinal Health Experience

Todd Thompson, Director of Operational Excellence - West Region, Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health began its Lean journey over a decade ago as part of an initiative to drive collaboration in the health care supply chain, with the goal of achieving zero errors, zero waste and zero lost revenue. Those multiple requirements introduced Operational Excellence across Cardinal Health's 36,000+ employees. Operational Excellence at Cardinal Health has involved thousands of kaizen events and longer term projects, and has unlocked more than $1 billion in economic value within the corporation.

The Operational Excellence platform is comprised of tools from both Lean and Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma guiding principles are infused at the tactical level -like a laser aimed at specific problems- as well as at the strategic level to bring about organization-wide cultural change. Problem solving and process improvement have become part of the normal work day.v

Join us for this one-hour program in our Master Black Belt series to learn more about how Cardinal Health has built upon the legacy of Lean manufacturing to help revolutionize healthcare today. Gather a couple new insights that will help your organization create continuous paths to higher levels of excellence, beyond what was once considered achievable.

In this session, the following key points will be covered:

Todd Thompson, Director of Operational Excellence - West Region, Cardinal Health

Todd Thompson is the Director of Operational Excellence - West Region for Cardinal Health in Salt Lake City and also works as a principal consultant at Better Benchmark. Before coming to Cardinal Health, he worked for Johnson Controls as an Account Manager for energy efficiency programs & solutions.

Todd holds a Master's of Business Administration from Ohio University with a focus in continuous improvement, a Bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University, and is certified in the 4 Disciplines of Execution through FranklinCovey.