MoreSteam Software Tools & Technology

We are the leading global provider of online Lean Six Sigma training and Blended Learning technology.

Our mission is to provide you with the most advanced and user-friendly software tools and technology to help support your success. This page lists all of our software and technology for process improvement and Lean Six Sigma.

Software for Analysis & Modeling

EngineRoom® (Web)

Web-based data analysis application

EngineRoom® for Excel

Desktop Excel®-based data analysis software

Process Playground

Online process mapping and simulation tool

Technology for the Enterprise


Web-based project management and tracking package


Online exam and testing technology for training organizations

Project-based Training Simulations

SigmaBrew® DMAIC

SigmaBrew DMAIC
A team-based, simulated project game for Lean Six Sigma

Tollgate Adventure®

Tollgate Adventure
A 2-4 hour DMAIC Tollgate simulation designed for Sponsors or Champions.

SigmaBrew InBox®

SigmaBrew InBox Lean Simulation
A hands-on, one-day simulation that illustrates Lean Office principles

St. Sigma Lab

St. Sigma
Interactive teaching lab for process improvement in healthcare

Sherlock Holmes Zombie Hunter®

Sherlock Holmes Zombie Hunter
A one-day, team-based, simulated project game for Lean Six Sigma