Free Webcast: "The Power and the Pitfalls of Multiple Regression Analysis" (Part 1)

Recorded Webcast

Presenter: Smita Skrivanek, Senior Statistician, MoreSteam.com

Multiple Regression Analysis

It seemed so simple in Stats 101, but applying Multiple Regression Analysis to a process improvement project is deceptively simple.

  • Response data in the real world doesn't always neatly fit into the definition of 'continuous'. How do you handle attribute (counts, ordinal or binary) response data?
  • Sometimes aggregating data can generate erroneous conclusions. How do you recognize this and when and how should you segment your data?
  • Independent variables may be closely correlated to one another. When is this a problem, and how can you determine the true impact of the variables?

Join us for this free, one-hour Webcast led by MoreSteam's Smita Skrivanek to better understand the nuances of multiple regression analysis and to gain confidence in addressing these issues.

This session covers the following: