Webcast: "Intrusive Coaching: Increasing Your Belts' Capability, Confidence, and Control"

You can't teach a kid to ride a bike sitting in his seat in a classroom. Teaching Lean Six Sigma techniques carries the same challenge - students have to transform their 'head knowledge' into skills and abilities.

Trainers and coaches often struggle with how to best mentor students through this transformation, especially across dispersed environments. Lenovo and the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee have successfully overcome this dilemma by freeing up classroom time with high impact e-Learning and re-focusing instructors on structured, individualized coaching.

Join Dr. Diane Reddy, Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Keith Schellenberger, Lean Six Sigma Consultant at Lenovo, as they share their experiences in implementing intrusive coaching models. Learn how intrusive coaching can personalize e-Learning, increase knowledge retention and boost Belts' productivity and project completion rates.

Topics discussed include: