Free Webcast: "Eating the Elephant: Designing and Deploying Continual Improvement in a Multi-Site Environment"

designing and deploying continual improvement

Recorded Webcast

Presenter: Bill D'Innocenzo, Fresenius Medical Care

Deploying Continual Improvement (CI) requires management commitment and constant reinforcement to ultimately change the behaviors and habits of all employees. Doing this in a single site environment is difficult and requires strong leadership and constant diligence. Doing this in a multi-site environment becomes more difficult ... especially when there are more than 2,000 sites!

By employing an iterative design process and grouping the 2,000 sites into more manageable groups, deployment doesn't seem as daunting when each deployment is approached as an experiment with clear outcome expectations. We either meet those expectations exactly, or we learn and improve for the next deployment (The Shewhart Cycle of P-D-C-A).

Learn how to essentially 'eat the elephant' one bite at a time by many people, all at once, as Fresenius Medical Care VP Bill D'Innocenzo discusses: