Lean 123, an adaptive lean training series

Customizable Lean Training to Match Your Organizational Needs

Lean 1-2-3 is series of Lean training courses that allows leaders to match the right amount of content to their intended audience. Use Lean 1-2-3 to give a wide audience the broad understanding of Lean. At the same time, challenge your CI teams to learn the skills necessary to run independent Kaizen events.

This Lean training series can be a lightweight addition to your organization's current training materials or paired with MoreSteam's Lean training simulations. Adding a simulation to your training program gives students the chance to put it all together and realize the impact Lean concepts have on tackling a problem. Learn more about Simulations.

Available Courses 5
Course Type online
Available Simulations Gridlock, InBox
CEUs Available
PDUs Available
Coaching Optional Add-on

Included in this training series

  • Practice-based training with flexible time-commitment

  • Robust technical tools that enhance your ability to track your progress, take notes, bookmark lessons, and listen along with an audio reading

  • Multiple Language Options: Lean 1 available in 10 languages. Lean 2 and beyond available in select languages

  • Adaptive course progression to allow integration with other materials and simulations

  • Deeper Dives, Take-2 Learning videos, and more in-depth content to walk you through the more difficult lessons

  • Access to materials for 365 days, allowing you to work at your own, self-guided pace

  • Lessons developed by industry-leaders with over 20 years of Lean training

Explore Our Recommended Training Paths

Choosing the right training program for your organization starts with answering the question, "Where is our organization on our Lean journey?" Are you looking to spread awareness of Lean? Are people familiar with Lean but need a firmer grounding in Lean concepts to put that critical thinking to use in their day to day work?

Click on the tabs below to view details on a few of our recommended training paths.

"How do I implement effective and engaging Lean training across our global organization?"

Lean Fundamentals is great for spreading awareness of Lean concepts across your organization. Available in multiple languages, this program is quick, engaging, and doesn't require a lot of prep work from the program facilitator. Participants start off playing Gridlock, a fun, mobile-friendly, role-based simulation meant to immerse them in common process problems. During the sim, teams work to improve their process, seeing first-hand the impact that Lean tools have on process flow. This taste of Lean problem-solving gears them up to dive deeper into Lean tools and inspires them to explore Lean solutions for everyday workplace problems.

12-14 Hours

Teams of 5+


Recommended Simulation

A Role-Based Lean Workflow Game

Easy to setup and fun to play, Gridlock is an immersive Lean training simulation. This game helps lean practitioners understand the need for Lean tools and demonstrates the impact of problem solving techniques.

Gridlock is flexible and can be utilized at any point during the learning process.

1-2 Hours

Teams of 5-7

"How can we build confident Lean practitioners within our organization?"

Lean Practitioner is an excellent way to dispatch introductory Lean training to a broad audience and allow select participants to explore further by advancing to Lean 3. This package is also bundled with InBox—a Lean training simulation modeled after a Kaizen event—with a focus on eliminating waste, piloting solutions, and improving virtual processes. Students are given the fundamental knowledge of Lean in order to put key concepts into practice with InBox and test their knowledge before they apply Lean in their everyday work.

22-30 Hours

7-15 Participants


Recommended Simulation

A Kaizen-Focused Event Simulation

Inbox® instructional simulation provides a participant-driven learning experience focused on application of Lean concepts to transactional and virtual processes.

InBox can be utilized during lesson training or as a capstone project.

6-8 Hours

7-15 Participants

"How can I teach team leaders how to run Kaizen events independently?"

The Lean Leader builds on Lean Fundamentals by teaching the specifics of planning and executing a successful Kaizen. When paired with the InBox workshop, a Kaizen Event simulation, Lean Leaders practice the new skills with real students in a simulated environment, offering them a few "reps" at planning and leading a live improvement event.

22-30 Hours

7-15 Participants


Recommended Simulation

A Kaizen-Focused Event Simulation

Inbox® instructional simulation provides a participant-driven learning experience focused on application of Lean concepts to transactional and virtual processes.

InBox can be utilized during lesson training or as a capstone project.

6-8 Hours

7-15 Participants

"Can I talk to someone at MoreSteam about my unique needs?"

Absolutely! Lean 1-2-3 features 5 modules that are able to be flexibly structured with current training initiatives or added in to new CI curriculum. For ease, we present three package options, however we can work with your organization to adapt the modules in a way that fits your needs to achieve your training goals.

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Contact us to discuss adding coaching to your Lean 1-2-3 curriculum for improved retention and comprehension.

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Components of Enterprise Training

Level Up CI Initiatives with Practice-Based Training

More than just a collection of tools, Lean Six Sigma is a methodology—a means of critically analyzing and solving workplace problems. MoreSteam's Enterprise Process Improvement Model supports organizations working to develop a more effective problem-solving culture.

We believe in the Blended Learning model that allows students to gain a more comprehensive understanding by using practicebased training modeled after realworld situations. We use an expansive array of technical tools and critical thinking questions to help students develop and hone their abilities to apply their knowledge in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can individuals purchase this course?

No. The Lean 1-2-3 program is a package that combines progressive learning modules with a group simulation that requires 7-15 participants. MoreSteam does offer an online 18-hour Lean Methods course for individuals.

Does everyone start at Lean 1?

Given the program's progressive nature, we suggest that everyone start with Lean 1. Even if it is material that is already familiar to the learner, a quick review will be helpful to ensure that all participants have a common foundation.

How is Lean 1-2-3 different from Yellow and Green Belt offerings?

A number of the tools and concepts addressed in Lean 1-2-3 appear in MoreSteam's Lean Six Sigma Belt courses. The key difference is the level of complexity. The addition of Six Sigma methods provides learners with advanced analytical tools that are used to tackle complex problems. The Lean 1-2-3 program is a great way to build broad organizational awareness and capability. Advanced training can be provided based on individual roles and business needs.

System Requirements

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  • Display Properties Setting: Minimum 1024 x 768 screen resolution.
  • Audio: Optional audio in course.
  • Disable any pop-up blocker while in the course content.
  • Microsoft 365®
  • Note: Courses supporting Minitab® or JMP® contain Microsoft Excel® templates for the template tools not provided in those software packages.

    Additional system requirements for Minitab and JMP courses include:

    • Macro Security: Microsoft Excel macro security must be set to medium or lower.
    • Toolpaks: The Microsoft Excel Analysis Toolpak and Analysis Toolpak VBA must be installed.

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