Lean 1-2-3

Lean Problem Solving and Skill Development

Equip your people with the right tools and behaviors to create a culture of continuous improvement. Our Lean 1-2-3 suite of training modules provides a flexible and effective solution to the problem of developing problem solving skills across a range of job roles.

Many people across your organization will benefit from learning simple problem-solving approaches. But some will be faced with more complex business problems that require advanced problem-solving techniques. MoreSteam offers a solution to flex training across - and within - teams to suit individual needs and still unite everyone on common ground. This blended model of online and experiential learning is a winning combination backed by research showing increased educational effectiveness by up to 20%. Welcome to Lean 1-2-3.

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  • Course Overview +

    • Lean 1-2-3 enables progressive training in problem solving using Lean methods, guiding the learner through introductory concepts to advanced topics with the use of commonly applied toolsets and critical thinking frameworks. By dividing the curriculum into three online modules, learners have access to the most appropriate coursework “just-in-time” as they may complete one, two, or all three modules depending on their needs. We offer Lean 1-2-3 in multiple roadmaps (PDCA, PDSA, DMAIC) to align with your overall continuous improvement strategy.

      The cornerstone of the program is MoreSteam’s Inbox® Lean Office Simulation, which provides all learners with practice applying problem-solving methods in a collaborative, rapid-improvement environment.

      Lean 1: This first module creates a “base layer” of lean knowledge and instills a lean mindset company-wide. Lean 1 introduces the fundamentals of Lean, including:

      • Foundational problem-solving;
      • Sources of value and sources of waste;
      • Process mapping basics; and
      • Beginner's basics on tools such as 5-S, visual management, and standardized work.

      Learners who complete Lean 1 will understand the lean mindset and basic problem-solving.

      Lean 2: This module builds on the Lean 1 toolbox with detailed overviews and practice exercises in critical areas such as:

      • Problem definition and Voice of the Customer (VOC) analysis;
      • Value Stream Mapping;
      • Data collection and measurement using MoreSteam's web-based EngineRoom® application; and
      • Continuous flow.

      Learners who complete Lean 2 will be able to engage in basic problem solving, participating in or leading small projects or A3 sessions.

      Lean 3: This module adds more advanced tools to learners’ problem-solving skills and engages them in critical data analysis processes using EngineRoom® software. Highlights of Lean 3 include:

      • Cause and Effect Matrix, Histogram, and Trend Chart toolsets;
      • Derivative performance metrics;
      • Total Productive Maintenance; and
      • Leader standard work.

      Learners who complete Lean 3 will be well equipped to frame problems with data and engage in data stratification and prediction during projects.

      Download the full course outlines:

  • Right Fit for Your Organization +

    • Apply the Lean 1-2-3 program to help your organization speak a common “language” around the tools and behaviors of continuous improvement. The program’s flexibility allows “right sized” training for individual roles.

      We designed Lean 1-2-3 with these outcomes in mind, and to allow individual learners to work at their own pace and on the most appropriate knowledge level. Lean isn’t rocket science — and neither should training be. The Lean 1-2-3 modules can be completed in fewer than three business days while the Inbox® Simulation brings learners at any level together for a day to collaboratively apply what they have practiced individually.

  • Features / Advantages+

    • Blended learning model results in greater training effectiveness
    • Multi-dimensional delivery combines text, animations, audio narration, and experiential simulation
    • Modular structure contributes to cost effectiveness: Only pay for what you need based on the needs of your people
    • Sequential layering of tools and concepts across three modules logically structures the content for those who progress from beginner to advanced Lean problem solving
    • Lean 2 and Lean 3 modules include access to web-based EngineRoom® application at no additional charge
  • Pricing +

    • The Lean 1-2-3 program is targeted for corporate programs who plan to train 10+ people in Lean Fundamentals. Each Lean 1 student receives a license to the Lean 1 eLearning course and participation in the Inbox® Simulation workshop. InBox can accommodate between 7-15 participants. Please contact MoreSteam for a quote based on your group size.

      The following is an example of corporate pricing for a group that will have some participants progress to the Lean 2 and Lean 3 modules.

        No. of
      Estimated Cost
      Lean 1 + InBox Simulation 15 $3,966
      Lean 2 7 $1,496
      Lean 3 5 $1,591

      Great Value to Fit Your Needs

      Participants can complete the Lean 1 course and the Inbox® Simulation for approximately $300 each. They can complete the entire Lean 1-2-3 program for less than $1000 per person.

  • System Requirements +

    • The following are system requirements for MoreSteam eLearning:

      • The latest version of the following browsers:

        Your browser is not supported.

      • Display Properties Setting: Minimum 1024 x 768 screen resolution.
      • Audio: Optional audio in course.
      • Disable any pop-up blocker while in the course content.
      • Microsoft 365®
      • Note: Courses supporting Minitab® or JMP® contain Microsoft Excel® templates for the template tools not provided in those software packages.

        Additional system requirements for Minitab and JMP courses include:

        • Macro Security: Microsoft Excel macro security must be set to medium or lower.
        • Toolpaks: The Microsoft Excel Analysis Toolpak and Analysis Toolpak VBA must be installed.

Common Questions

Can individuals purchase this product?

No. The Lean 1-2-3 program is a package that combines progressive learning modules with a group simulation that requires 7-15 participants. MoreSteam does offer an online 18-hour Lean Methods course for individuals.

Does everyone start at Lean 1?

Given the program’s progressive nature, we suggest that everyone start with Lean 1. Even if it is material that is already familiar to the learner, a quick review will be helpful to ensure that all participants have a common foundation entering the InBox simulation.

How is Lean 1-2-3 different from the Yellow Belt and Black Belt offerings?

A number of the tools and concepts addressed in Lean 1-2-3 appear in MoreSteam’s Lean Six Sigma Belt courses. The key difference is the level of complexity. The addition of Six Sigma methods provides learners with advanced analytical tools that are used to tackle complex problems. The Lean 1-2-3 program is a great way to build broad organizational awareness and capability. Advanced training can be provided based on individual roles and business needs.