VOODU Brings New Magic

An Update from MoreSteam Labs

November 01, 2013

As I write this note I'm looking out the window at a couple of hummingbirds, and I'm reminded how much effort is sometimes required just to stay in one place. At MoreSteam, we're trying to move forward in big steps, so we're learning that it takes even more effort. Over the last year and a half we've been working on a dramatically different approach to data analysis ‐ a web-based application that represents data sets as visual objects. We call the technology VOODU, for Visual Object-Oriented Data Universe, and it's at the heart of the new EngineRoom.

VOODU technology offers a fluid drag & drop interface and intuitive, visual interactions. As a browser-based application, updates are continuous and immediate, no desktop installation is required, and work can be performed from any computer regardless of operating system, including tablets. We’ve been able to explore features that fundamentally change the nature of data analysis: sharing of project work, uploading of process artifacts to provide analytical context, and study‐level discussions to document critical thinking.

New inventions at the heart of our VOODU technology have prompted two new patent applications, and we're continuing to push the envelope of embedded intelligence, so that the software can make it easier to conduct the proper analysis and draw the proper conclusions. If the software is easier to use, it's also easier to teach, which reduces training cycle time, lowers coaching demands, and decreases the probability of errors.

I hope you will take a minute to take a look at the new EngineRoom. It's been endorsed by the Most Significant Man in the World, which is, well...significant. Here’s the new advertisement ‐ I think you will like it.